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    Welcome to Bovada

    Same Operator. New Name and Look.

    In case you haven’t heard, we’ve made some changes. We have a new name and a new site. What hasn’t changed is the same great service.

    If you haven’t already - You can log in to using your same account number and password. Your information, account balance, open bets and bet history have been transferred to the new site and are available to you now.




    Is my account information and money safe?

    • Yes. We are still the same company, your account information has not been touched, your account number and password remain the same and any funds are 100% safe.


    What happens to my open wagers?

    • Any wagers that you placed before the transition are still in your pending wagers and will be honoured.


    What happens to my withdrawal requests?

    • All pending withdrawal requests will be processed within the same time frame and methods as they were prior to the transition. The number of days you have already waited will be carried over, nothing resets.


    What happens to my account history?

    • Everything about your player account remains the same. Simply log in at and your information, funds and any pending wagers will be there under “My Account”.


    Poker: What happens to my hand history?

    • All of your hand histories remain intact. All the information you had available to you before the transition is still available to you now.


    Poker: Am I still playing poker on the same network?

    • Yes! Bovada is still a part of the same poker network and offers the same product features.


    Can I bet with Bovada on my mobile device?

    • You can! Bovada mobile offers the same sports, lines, props and in-play options. Just enter into your smartphone browser.


    Are there any changes to my deposit methods?

    • The same convenient deposit options are available on Bovada, any methods you have registered will be carried over.


    What’s new?

    Casino: New Flash Lobby

    • Our instant play casino lobby lets you navigate back to the sportsbook or your account pages without having to end your game.


    Casino: Upgraded navigation to purchase and cash out chips

    • Purchase and cash out chips in the Bovada Download Casino without ever leaving the lobby.  Just click “Deposit/Buy Chips” and the cashier window appears. You can buy more chips, cash out, redeem a code, or make a deposit.


     My Account Section

    • A more user friendly account section where you can view your account history including deposits, withdrawals and wagering history.


    Why did you choose the name Bovada?

    • We want to build a brand just as unique and strong as the last one, so it was important to us that it be a name not associated with anyone else – or anything. Bovada is a name we can make into whatever we want. As well, the fact it starts with “B-O” should help you find us in your browser for the first few weeks.

     Why is your web address .lv? 

    • We wanted to use a distinctive web address that would remind our players of Las Vegas, the number one gambling destination in the US. We believe .lv reflects that feeling of fun and entertainment our players have when they visit Las Vegas and it's our hope for them to have a similar experience when playing with