Do Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is entering new industries all the time. This peer-to-peer digital currency uses blockchain technology instead of going through a central financial institution, and that leads to simpler transactions—especially cross-border ones. The online casino industry is one market that is significantly improved by Bitcoin, which is why most accept it for deposits and offer it as a withdrawal method, including right here at Bovada’s USA Bitcoin Casino. 

For those who are new to Bitcoin, we’re going to go over the basics of how Bitcoin works; for a more comprehensive explanation of Bitcoin, be sure to check out our Bovada Bitcoin Guide. 

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (known as a cryptocurrency) that was invented over a decade ago with the goal of simplifying online transactions. With a Bitcoin wallet set up, you can send and receive payments as easily as you’d send or receive an email. Every time a transaction is initiated, it joins a queue, where Bitcoin miners select and process them. In order to process the transaction and post it on a public ledger (the blockchain), miners solve a computational problem. A public and private key are included on the ledger, including the amount of Bitcoin transferred over, along with a date stamp.

Do Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

While many online casinos are only now accepting Bitcoin from players, Bovada Casino has technically been a “Bitcoin Casino” for years now. We even accept Bitcoin’s cousin currency, Bitcoin Cash. 

How to Deposit to Online Casinos with Bitcoin

In order to deposit Bitcoin into your Bovada Casino account, you need to first get your hands on some Bitcoin. The quickest way to do that is to download a single app that includes both a digital wallet and an exchange platform, such as Coinbase or Blockchain. The wallet is where you’ll hold your funds, while the exchange is where you do your buying and selling. 

Once your programs are installed onto your smartphone, you can log in to the exchange to buy your first Bitcoin. Simply follow the prompts to “Buy” and select the type of cryptocurrency you want; keep in mind, we accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash only. 

With Bitcoin in tow, you can make your first Bitcoin deposit at Bovada. Log in to your account and hit the “Deposit” button, which will generate a list of all of our deposit options; locate the type of Bitcoin that you purchased in the list and once selected, an address code will generate for your Bovada account. Copy the code and pop it into your wallet when prompted. The transaction takes just 20 or 25 minutes typically once you confirm the details.

Before you deposit, you’ll want to get your Bitcoin casino bonus codes in order. Your first three Bitcoin deposits are eligible for the best Bitcoin bonus of them all: a 125% match bonus for up to $1,250 each. Check out our Promotions page for all available bonuses and their codes.

Withdraw Casino Payouts with Bitcoin

Withdrawing casino payouts with Bitcoin is a breeze since you’ve already done the initial set-up for the deposit. After clicking/tapping “Withdraw” and selecting the type of Bitcoin that you want to withdraw (Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash), you’ll be asked to put in the address code for your digital wallet. Launch your wallet and select the “Receive” or “Request” button; this will automatically generate the digital wallet code that you need. Once you pop it in your Bovada account, the withdrawal process takes around 15 or 20 minutes. You can keep the money stashed away in your digital wallet, or take it to the exchange to convert it to US dollars and deposit it into your regular bank account. Do this a few times, and it will begin to feel effortless.