Blackjack is an amazing game with a very low house edge – one of the lowest you’ll find at Bovada Casino. But you have to play blackjack correctly if you want to keep that edge as small as possible. This means knowing the rules before you play, and playing only when you’re feeling good and your mind is sharp. Bankroll management is important, too; falling for tricks like progressive betting schemes is a great way to shorten your time at the tables.

Strategy is important, too. You should have at least a basic strategy for when to hit in blackjack and when to stand, as well as splitting, surrendering and doubling down. The right play has already been mathematically found for you; all you need to do is learn it and repeat it. But the same mistakes are still made over and over again. Here are four of the most common mistakes when playing online blackjack:

Never Drawing When You Might Bust

As a shortcut, some players simply stop drawing once they have at least a hard 12 in their hand. This prevents them from busting, but it also prevents them from winning as much money as they could. Why a hard 12? Because you can still draw two Aces without going bust – in fact, you should split those every time.

Always Buying Insurance

Life tip: Just because someone’s trying to sell you insurance doesn’t mean you have to buy it. In blackjack, you can buy insurance anytime the dealer shows an Ace; it’s a side bet of half your original wager, and if the dealer happens to have a down-card worth 10 for a blackjack, you get paid at 2:1. This bet should be made for entertainment purposes only if you’re using a basic strategy.

Always Guessing the Dealer Has 10 in the Hole

Even if the dealer’s up-card isn’t an Ace, many players like to assume the down-card is worth 10 before they decide what to do. Ten points is the most common possibility, but the majority of the time, it’ll be a card somewhere between the Deuce and the Nine instead. You’ll lose money following this strategy.

Doing What the Dealer Does on 16 and 17

It’s almost clever: If the dealer hits on 16 and stands on 17, maybe you should do the same thing. But this takes away your options of splitting and doubling down, two very important plays in your blackjack arsenal. Don’t just mimic the dealer – take the time to learn the right strategy when you play at Bovada Casino, and you’ll get the most out of your blackjack dollar.