Learning how to play blackjack in a brick-and-mortar casino isn’t fun for anyone. Unless you can find a secluded table with a patient dealer, it’s a high-pressure and stressful environment. Trial and error is costly, too, since most tables require a minimum of $10 a hand to play.


Online casinos provide beginners with comfortable learning environments. Every game has a Practice Play option, most games offer low stakes ($1 a hand for Six-Deck Blackjack), and you can spread out your learning materials. Without the pressure of other patrons around, you can slow things down to a turtle’s pace. That’s how you get really good at a game.


You also get really good by reading game guides while playing. This allows you to put various theories into practice instantly. All games at Bovada come with guides that explain how to play, and for certain games, like blackjack, you can also find articles that cover the basics, tips and tricks, and the differences between passive and aggressive play. Once you’ve learned basic strategy, it’s time to put in the necessary practice time.


Learning how to play blackjack doesn’t have to be a hectic experience. Take a cue from the pros, and start online. With just you and a computerized dealer, it’s a stress-free zone where you can get creative with your learning and develop your own unique blackjack style.