Nowadays, it’s rare for people to only partake in NFL betting at online sportsbooks. As people begin testing out all the ways to indulge in online betting, there has been increased demand for a comprehensive betting experience in one virtual location, and that includes the ability to play poker and casino table games in addition to enjoy NFL betting odds on Sunday.

If you’re a seasoned NFL sports bettor, you’ve likely also dabbled in poker and blackjack, but one section of the casino that may be completely new to you is the section containing online slot games. You may imagine online slots to look and feel like the old one-armed bandits that are ubiquitous on the Vegas Strip. While some of them do embrace the traditional appearance of a mechanical slot machine, most of them have evolved. 

Ever since slots transitioned to the digital realm, they have become the most versatile of all casino games online, as there’s no limit on design or theme. We pick and choose slots in order to provide something that appeals to each and every one of our players—yourself included—and that means loading up on sports-themed slots to kick-off the beginning of another football season.

Play Online Slots During NFL betting?

No one can deny that NFL games are loaded with multiple interruptions in play. They’re typically over three hours from start to finish, and that includes about an hour of commercials. That’s a lot of wasted time. Instead of zoning out during the back-to-back commercials, you can try your luck with our latest sports-themed slot games. These five are especially popular this time of year, making them great starting points for your first foray into the world of slots.

Gridiron Glory

Experience the glory of the gridiron with realistic NFL game graphics when you spin the reels of this new slot game. Over the five reels, you’ll see star quarterbacks making Hail Mary plays, officials calling the shots and cheerleaders rooting on their team. There are plenty of ways to cash in on the reels thanks to the game’s bonus features, which include a “Wild Event” where entire reels turn wild.

Pigskin Payout

Going from the realistic graphics of Gridiron Glory to the 2D graphics of Pigskin Payout, you may be fooled into thinking that this pigskin-themed slot game is the less popular NFL slot machine choice. But the latter includes a unique bonus feature that attracts many people to the game. In addition to the standard game wild, you also have the potential to trigger a “Jackpot Can’t Lose” session, where you get to spin the reels for free, while two of them are completely wild, boosting the number of wins, which are tripled.

Hockey Enforcers

The official start of NFL football means hockey is just a month away. To get you pumped up for the upcoming season, try spinning the reels of our slot game Hockey Enforcers. The booming voices of hockey players passing the puck and checking opponents echo through an arena as you spin your way to the Cup and potential payouts. Stacked wilds, free spins, multipliers and the elimination of paylines make it easier to get there.

Aussie Rules

Australian football, known as Aussie Rules, is front-and-center in this 5-reel, 15-payline slot. Play NFL football the way they do Down Under when you try to line up rows of cleats, football players, and whistles for scorching payouts. And if you’re able to land three ‘Aussie Rules’ footballs, you get to partake in your team’s domination of the opponent by lining up and kicking the football through the posts.

Zombie FC

Just because they’re zombies, doesn’t mean they can’t play Euro football. Watch the undead shuffle their way through the reels to the opposing net in Zombie FC, which is a disturbing scene of what the sport looks like after a full-on zombie apocalypse. Along with humanity, paylines have gone extinct, meaning anything goes, and that means with every spin, there are 243 ways to win a payout. Grab what’s yours and don’t let the referee slow you down. Soccer is not the NFL, but this version is full contact.

All five of these slot games are available in the Slots section of our casino in Practice Play and Real Play mode, making it easy to test them free of charge and then switch to “Real Money” play when you want to get paid for your stellar plays. We can't think of a better way to spend the dry spells during your NFL Sundays than playing sports-themed online slots.