If you grew up playing video games, chances are you gravitate toward online slots with interactive bonus rounds. Software developers are constantly working to create new games with higher engagement levels to attract younger generations who expect more than the simple spin-and-win formula. iSlots are an example of what new technology can do to help further the evolution of slots, so if you're interested in seeing what the future holds for online gaming, check out the following three slots. They're in a league of their own.


Rock On

Rock On is inspired by the incredibly popular video game, Guitar Hero. Trigger the bonus round, and you'll be center-stage, nailing a wicked solo by clicking sliding notes on the guitar fretboard with a pick. The better the solo, the more you'll be paid.


Bowled Over

Hit up your favorite bowling alley in this entertaining iSlot, and you'll be bowling for more than just a good time. Earn cash during the bonus round by picking the right bowler and nailing the pins. Simply move the curser to choose what kind of spin you want and what direction you want to throw the ball in. You also get to click the constantly-shifting power gauge in an attempt to maximize the strength behind your throw.


Fixer Upper

This is the story of a young couple who opt to buy a "fixer-upper" as their first house. They have big dreams of flipping it into a dream home, but will need your help to get there.

This progressive iSlot has three distinct bonus rounds, all focused on home renovations, which increases the value of your home and the money in your bankroll.

Level 1: Plumbing

Use a wrench to swap out rusty pipes for new ones. Just be sure to grab the right pipe for each angle, doing so can get you up to 4,000 coins.

Level 2: Paint

There's nothing like a fresh paint job to quickly improve the look of a home. You get to pick a color and then use the roller to coat the walls. Don't miss any spots, or you'll miss out on some free coins.

Level 3: Yard Work

The yard is filled with groundhogs. You'll have to get rid of these burrowing pests before you can start the landscaping.


If you enjoy these games and are hungry for more, check out the iSlot section of Bovada Casino. New games are always being added, so check back often to stay on top of the iSlot mania.