How do you pick a video poker game when there are so many to choose from? We have 11 unique games, with some offering several variants based on how many hands you can play per round. To decide, you need to figure out what your motivations are.




There are some pretty flashy video poker games that offer sizzling jackpots. These games are more volatile, meaning when you win, you win big. Why play Bonus Poker when you can play Double Double Bonus Poker? You’ll notice that there are iterations of the same game that provide you with a range in volatility. Let’s look at Bonus Poker vs. Double Double Bonus Poker.


Bonus Poker:                            Double Double Bonus Poker:


Royal flush: 250                                  Royal flush: 250                                 

Straight flush: 50                                 Straight flush: 50

4 Aces: 80                                            4 Aces: 160

4 2-4: 40                                              4 2-4: 80

4 5-K: 25                                              4 5-K: 50                                 

Full house: 8                                        Full house: 9

Flush: 5                                                Flush: 6

Straight: 4                                           Straight: 4

3 of a Kind: 3                                       3 of a Kind: 3

2 Pair: 2                                               2 Pair: 1

Jacks or Better: 1                                Jacks or Better: 1


In addition to the payouts for standard hands, Double Double Bonus Poker also awards big payouts for four Aces with a 2, 3, or 4 kicker (400 coins), and four Twos, Threes or Fours with an Ace-Four kicker (160 coins). With all these massive payouts, Double Double Bonus Poker is a more volatile, and thus more exciting game.




But not everyone plays video poker for excitement. Some people play it to relax after a stressful day, and these players are better off playing a low volatile game. Jacks or Better is an example of a game with low volatility.


Jacks or Better:                                         


Royal flush: 250                                                                     

Straight flush: 50                                                                                

4 of a Kind: 25                                                                        

Full house: 9                                       

Flush: 6                                               

Straight: 4                                          

3 of a Kind: 3                                      

2 Pair: 2                                              

Jacks or Better: 1


Jacks or Better doesn’t break up 4 of a Kinds like Double Bonus Poker does. Instead it offers one lower payout for all 4 of a Kind hands. The benefits of Jacks or Better are with the lower grade hands, such as a flush and 2 pair, which are the hands you’ll end up with most often. This will result in a less volatile playing experience; you won’t experience the high highs and low lows that the flashier games facilitate, instead you’ll make slightly bigger payouts with the more common hands, making Jacks or Better ideal for someone looking to wind down after a busy day.


What’s your motivation for playing video poker? Are you looking to party, or do you want to chill with some low-key video poker vibes?