If you like the solo style of video slots, but prefer strategic games, video poker should be right up your alley. With plenty of strategy charts available online, you can become a video poker pro in no time. But before you go looking for a chart, you’ll have to learn the basics and decide which video poker game you want to play.


Video Poker: The Basics

For all video poker, your goal is to get at least the minimum hand required for a payout. This varies from game to game, but most games require at least a pair of Tens or Jacks to trigger a payout. Check the game’s paytable for the minimum hand. Before receiving your five-card hand, you’ll need to determine how much you want to bet per round. Does your bankroll budget allow for $0.25 rounds, $1.25 rounds, $2.50 rounds, $5 rounds, or $25 rounds? These five amounts allow you to bet five coins a round, which is required to be eligible for the game’s 4,000-coin jackpot. Choose the one that’s best for your bankroll or matches the duration of time you want to play, and then hit “Deal” to start the action.

Five cards are dealt face up. You click the cards you want to keep, and then hit “Draw” to draw new cards for the ones you don’t want. If you end up with at least the minimum pair listed on the table, it’s payday.


Choose From Eleven Video Poker Games 

Now that you’ve got the basics down pat, it’s time to choose the video poker that’s right for you. Do you like the idea of a wild card? It’ll be easier to make winning hands, but that advantage is reflected in the payouts. Games with wild cards include Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Bonus Deuces Wild, and Loose Deuces.

The other games offer payout variations, and as a general rule, the more “bonuses” you see in the title, the more payout tiers you’ll find for the Four of a Kind hand. For example, Double Double Jackpot Poker has unique payouts for five Four of a Kind variations, whereas Bonus Poker has a single payout for all Four of a Kind hands.


One, Three, Ten, or Fifty-Two Hands

Some video poker games, including Jacks or Better and Joker Poker, let you play up to 52 hands at a time. Just like with regular poker, as you get more comfortable, you may want to accelerate the action by increasing the number of hands you play per round. With multi-hand video poker, there’s a primary hand and several secondary hands. Five cards will be dealt face up to your primary hand, and you choose which cards you want to keep. The cards you hold are going to appear in all your secondary hands. As for the new cards that are drawn, they’re unique in each hand. It may sound a little complicated, so it’s best to start with one hand. But after a few rounds of Practice Play, you should be playing video poker like a pro.