Bovada’s Ultimate Casino Guide



If you’re looking to enjoy the best online casino gaming experience on the net, you’ve come to the right place. The gaming industry has taken the internet by storm and Bovada Casino has been at the forefront of the movement from the beginning, providing players with the latest products, games and special features.


It’s no secret that the world of online casino gaming is both fast-paced and constantly evolving. From the latest casino software and game launches to the various devices you can play on, there’s a lot going on and a lot you can learn. To help you keep up with all of these new developments, we’ve created the ultimate casino guide, providing you with all the information you need to make the most money possible during your casino sessions.


Whether you’re new to the world of online casino gaming or consider yourself a veteran, take a look at our casino games strategy guides below – they’re full of insider information aimed to help you play like the pros.


From helpful casino tips that’ll allow you to develop the right kind of playing strategy to information on special features, this compilation of articles covers a multitude of topics, all of which will help you stay on top of your game. We offer advice for all games available in our online casino, so whether you’re spinning the roulette wheel, deciding whether to hit or stand in blackjack, picking a progressive jackpot in the slots section, or rolling the bones on the craps table – we’ve got you covered with our online casino guides and strategy articles.


Benefits of Playing Casino Games Online 


As the world goes digital, more and more people are choosing to gamble in online casinos over brick-and-mortar ones. Convenience is everything, and it’s hard to compete with the convenience of an online casino. With a tablet, desktop, laptop or smartphone in hand, people can access their favorite games on their own schedule from the comfort of home. Waiting for a table to open up is not an issue when you transition to online casinos; automated dealers keep things running 24/7. 


Ultimate Blackjack Guide and Tips


Blackjack is meant to be mastered. Despite the simple goal of out-scoring the Dealer while staying under 22 points, this game has been researched extensively by mathematicians who are keen to determine the best ways to build a hand.


When you play online blackjack, you get the choice of requesting another card, which will increase your score, and doubling your bet when you think one more card is all you need to beat the Dealer. When you’re satisfied with your score, it will be compared with the Dealer’s; whoever has the higher score without exceeding 21 wins.


To help you go from beginner to pro, we have a blackjack strategy guide that walks you through the rules of the game, explains the different versions and their unique benefits, and provides strategic direction for maximizing your blackjack earnings. The information provided in these pages is always being updated to reflect new developments in the blackjack field, as per our industry experts, so don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to improve your game.


Online Table Games Guide  


Games played with cards, dice, and wheels are classified as table games. These casino staples reward learning with high payback levels, meaning they’re best played with a guide. While it’s possible to play based on game rules and logic alone, strategy guides provide insider information that will improve your success at the tables. Some games, like craps, have wide ranges of bets that vary from zero house edge to over 10%, so getting the inside scoop will maximize your returns. 


If you’re not sure which table game is best for you, our guides also showcase our most popular games and explain why they get so much action. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and it’s not always easy picking a game, especially when the selection is as big as ours. Fortunately, all our games are equipped with Practice Play mode.


When you play table games online at Bovada Casino, you get the following options:


Roulette (American and European)


Roulette is played with a spinning wheel that contains a range of numbers, with coinciding numbers listed on a board. Pick the numbers you want to bet on, and if the roulette ball lands on one of them, you win.




This hands-off casino game provides you with three betting options: Player, Banker and Tie. Place your bet and watch two to three cards get dealt to each side; the side with the higher score wins. 




Place bets on the board and roll the dice. The outcome of the roll sends you in one of three directions: win, loss, or next level.


Roll the Dice


The simplest of table games, Roll the Dice lets you bet on several animations, which are also found on the dice. If you roll your picks, you win.


Poker-Inspired Games


Go head to head with the automated Dealer in a quick round of table game poker. Your goal is to try to predict when you have him beat, at which point you maximize your raises. Pai Gow Poker and Let ‘Em Ride are played a little differently, as explained in our video poker guide.


The table game selection is wide enough to ensure there’s something for everyone. Once you know the game you want to master, hop over to the strategy articles for insight on the best ways to win.  


Online Slots Guide


There’s no casino fanbase as big as the online slot fanbase. Ever since the three-reel mechanical slot machines were released over a century ago, people have been choosing to spin reels over playing cards and rolling dice. Slots are easy, engaging, and offer bigger jackpots than what can be won through most table games. 


The technology has certainly come a long way since slots were mechanically-operated. Games now use algorithms to determine where each reel stops at the end of any given spin. Knowing how the technology works will provide insight into what’s possible and what’s not possible with a slot game. 


Our comprehensive slots guide covers everything from slot technology to bonus features. Knowing exactly how the features work makes it possible to fully understand how returns and house edge work. There’s no denying these games are based on luck, but learning about game selection can help you find slots with good value. 

Online Video Poker Guide


Casino players like the combination of poker strategy and easy gameplay found within video poker. To an extent, you can control the outcome of rounds by making shrewd decisions based on your poker knowledge. But unlike poker, the game is played at the pace of a slot machine.


A round begins with five cards being “dealt” to you from a standard playing deck. You then pick which of the five cards you want to keep for your final poker hand. Pick however many you’d like; the rejects are replaced with fresh new cards when you hit “Draw.” 


Deciding which cards to keep is integral to video poker strategy. There will be times when your hand can go in many different directions. You could have a pair while also having the potential to land a flush. Our guides will help you figure out the best ways to play your hand, and include valuable tips on ensuring you’re eligible for jackpots without blowing your bankroll. 


Online Specialty Games Guide


Anything that isn’t a table game, slot, or video poker is considered a specialty game in our casino. That includes games like bingo, Keno, virtual scratch cards, and some unexpected games, like casino Sudoku. People go for specialty games when they’re looking for a quick and easy gamble, as they involve little to no learning curves.  


Bingo is as simple as buying a bingo card that contains numbers selected from a wide range. The winning numbers are drawn at random and scratched off your card automatically.


Keno has you pick your own numbers from a range of 80. Twenty numbers are drawn at random, and you’re paid based on the number of “hits” you make.


Scratch cards have icons that are hidden from view until you unveil them; if you get three or more matching icons, you win.


Now that you have an idea of how our casino games work, it’s time to take some for a test run. They’re all available for free trials on Practice Play mode. When you’re ready to play with real money, consult our various game strategy guides to make sure you’re up to date on the latest tips and tricks. Your bankroll will thank you.