Craps is one of the most complex games in the casino. Whereas most table games have a few betting options, craps has about 20. Despite the steep learning curve, it’s a very popular game and learning how to play it is definitely worth the investment. Craps players are loyal fans for good reason. The game offers bets with no house edge in a lively setting.

To keep things simple, we’ll begin with a bet that comes with a modest house edge. It also happens to be the most popular craps bet: the Pass Line – also known as the Front Line. This bet comes with a house edge of 1.41%.


How to Bet the Pass Line


At the start of the round, put your chips on the Pass Line and then roll the dice.

Dice Results

7,11 Result in a win

2, 3, 12 Is craps – you lose

Landing a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 establishes a Point number, and the “Off/On” marker gets flipped to “On” and is placed on the Point number on the board to help you remember. Establishing a Point initiates a series of dice rolls until you re-roll the Point or roll a 7. Rolling a 7, also known as “sevening out” is a loss, and re-rolling the Point is a win. You collect a 1-1 bet.

Let’s go through an example of the Pass Line bet.

You put $5 on the Pass Line and hit “Roll.” The dice come back 4, so 4 is the Point. You re-roll and get a 7. Your bet is removed from the table, and the round ends.

You put $5 on the Pass Line and hit “Roll.” The dice come back 10, so 10 is the Point. You begin rolling, landing a 6, 12, and then 10. Your bet is returned and you win $5.

Now that you know the basics of the Pass Line bet, try playing a few rounds of craps for free using Practice Play. It’s available in Classic and Modern modes.