Crazy Dragon

Crazy Dragon Progressive

Take a wild ride into the heart of Asia with Crazy Dragon, Bovada’s 3-Reel progressive online Slot that lets you spin your way past Bonsai Trees, Firecrackers and Chinese Pagodas. Experience life in the Far East as you try your luck at tracking down the dragon and winning big. You could be the lucky player to piece together the Crazy Dragon in all its glory and win the progressive jackpot.




How To Play

  • Add credits to the machine by clicking on the chip denomination or by clicking on the machine’s coin slot. Any number of credits can be added, up to the full balance of the player’s account.
  • To add one credit, click on the coin slot on the bottom right of the machine.
  • To add multiple credits, click on the chip symbols.
  • The next step involves choosing how many credits to bet per spin, up to a maximum of three coins at a time.
  • Press Bet One to bet a single credit at a time. Pressing Bet One twice allows to bet two credits at a time and so on, until the maximum of three credits per spin is selected.
  • Once satisfied with the bet amount, press Spin Reel.


Wild Symbol

  • The Yin-Yang symbol is wild, matching any non-dragon symbol.


Progressive Jackpot

  • The progressive jackpot total is displayed just above the reels and restarts at $2,000 every time the progressive jackpot is won. It can be played only in denominations of $1.00.
  • To qualify for the progressive jackpot and the bonus game, the player must bet the maximum credits (three) per spin.
  • Receive the Dragon Head on the first reel and the bonus game will award the player with free spins (either 2, 5 or 20 determined by the number of Dragon symbols that appear), crediting the player for any winning combinations that are achieved during these spins, and awarding more free spins should the player win them.
  • The player receives two free spins for the head, five for the head and body and 20 for the head, body and tail. If they receive a total of 100 free spins on a single bet, the player wins the progressive jackpot.
  • The re-spin meter will reset to zero after the free spins run out.
  • The pay table is displayed on the machine.


Button Descriptions

  • Bet One – Allows the player to bet one coin and can be pressed up to a maximum of three times.
  • Spin Reel – Click this button to spin the reels and start the game.
  • Play 3 Credits – Allows the player to bet the maximum number of coins (three).
  • Cash Out – Allows the player to cash out their credits and winnings.


Slot Machine Displays

  • Winner Paid – Displays your winnings for the last spin.
  • Credit Window – Displays the number of credits available for play.
  • Coins Played – Displays the number of credits bet on the spin.


Credit Denominations

  • $5 Coin – Insert $5 worth of credits from the player’s account balance into the machine.
  • $25 Coin – Insert $25 worth of credits from the player’s account balance into the machine.
  • $100 Coin – Insert $100 worth of credits from the player’s account balance into the machine.