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2020 Soccer Betting COVID Update

This was going to be a banner year for soccer fans. Liverpool were running away with the English Premier League, and on the international scene, Euro 2020 was on tap for June and July, immediately followed by the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, things have gotten rather quiet on the soccer odds board.

Quiet, but not silent. Live matches are still taking place at assorted venues across the globe, and on top of that, you can bet on E-Soccer online right here at Bovada Sportsbook. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the board while we wait for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown.

E-Soccer Betting Available

If you’ve ever played the FIFA video games, you know how close they come to the real thing – especially the latest FIFA 20 release, which came out in late September. Esports competitions like EFIFA Liga and FIFA eSports Battle Premier League are proving very popular right now; you’ll find dozens of these competitions on the soccer lines at Bovada, and you can bet on all the action the same way you would with real-life matches.

That includes live soccer betting, of course. Many of these matches are taking place in Europe, so the time difference might be challenging for some of us stateside, but live streaming is available in many cases – which means you can follow along if you want a good sweat. No matter what time of day it is, chances are there’s a line waiting for you on Bovada’s live soccer page.

Other Soccer Odds and Bets Available

When it comes to the actual athletes, the EPL and Champions League may be paused, but at press time, soccer is still happening in Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Nicaragua – with South Korea ready to join in this Friday with their K League Classic schedule for 2020. Originally scheduled to begin on February 29, K League Classic (spun off in 2013 from the rest of their first division, much like the English Premiership in 1992) is the highest level of soccer in South Korea, and it’s a step above the other domestic leagues in action right now.

Again, live soccer odds are on tap for most of these matches, so find a safe stream on the internet and enjoy the matches while you bet – Nicaragua is on Central Time, which should fit most schedules here in the US. And stay tuned to Bovada Sportsbook as more and more soccer leagues emerge from the lockdown this summer.

How to Bet on English Premier League Soccer 

Betting on soccer or football in Europe is a global phenomenon unlike any other. If you’re used to betting on soccer, you have most of the tools you need to bet on the beautiful game. But there are some key differences from American sports to keep in mind. Here are the different ways you can bet on English Premier League (AKA EPL) at Bovada Sportsbook.

EPL Spread Betting

The point spread is the most popular way to bet on NFL and NBA games. It works much the same way in soccer, taking a match between two teams and turning the betting result into as much of a coin flip as possible by requiring the favorite to win by a specified number of goals. Here is an example of the favorite needing to win by at least 0.5 goals for their bets to payout:

Manchester City F.C.  –0.5 (+115)

Chelsea F.C. +0.5 (–145)

Unlike with most North American sports, soccer traditionally shows the home team at the top instead of the bottom when posting EPL odds. Manchester City are the home side in this case, and they’re the favorites, as seen by their spread with the negative sign. In order to pay out, Manchester City have to beat Chelsea by more than 0.5 goals – which means any victory. The underdog Chelsea, on the other hand, can either draw or win outright to cover the spread.

The numbers in parentheses show the payouts for each side, using the American odds format. If Manchester City covers, they’ll pay out at +115, meaning you’ll get $115 for every $100 wagered (smaller and larger multiples are allowed). If Chelsea covers, their –145 payout means you’ll get $100 for every $145 wagered.

EPL Moneyline Betting

For a more throwback approach, the moneyline allows you to bet on all three possible outcomes in a soccer match: Team A winning, Team B winning, and the draw. Here’s how these odds might look at Bovada:

Manchester City F.C. +110

Chelsea F.C. +200

Draw +260

Use the point spread example to calculate the potential payouts for each of these outcomes. Note that the 3-way moneyline in soccer refers to the score at the end of regulation; if they go to extra time and one team wins, it’s still considered a draw for betting.

EPL Totals

Just like the other major sports in North America, you can bet on the two teams combining to score OVER or UNDER a certain number of goals that is decided by the oddsmaker. Look at the example below:

Manchester City F.C. O 3.0 (+110)

Chelsea F.C. U 3.0 (–140)

It doesn’t actually matter which team is listed at the top here – the important thing is that they have to score OVER or UNDER three goals to pay out at the prices listed in parentheses. The OVER side is always on top; we include the “O” here at Bovada to help you read the soccer odds. If the two teams in this example happen to score exactly three goals, it’s a “push” and all bets are returned. This can also happen in spread betting when the spread is a whole number like 1.0 goals or 2.0 goals.

EPL Live Betting

For an extra dose of fun, try betting on EPL games while they’re in progress. You can bet on the final outcome, and you can bet on specific events occurring throughout the game, like which team will score the next goal, and whether a certain player will find the back of the net. Tap or click the LIVE button at the top-left of your screen when you’re viewing the odds at Bovada, and you’ll see which games are available for live betting.

Congratulations. You now have all of the information you need to start betting on English Premier League Soccer at Bovada. To find out more, consult our soccer FAQ and Help guides, browse the ever-growing collection of articles in our vault, and feel free to contact Customer Service 24/7 if you have any other questions. We’ll see you on the pitch.

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