2020 EPL Odds: Odds to Win the FA Cup

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Strange things are happening in the English Premier League. We’re only three or four matches into the 2020-21 campaign, but this has already turned into a two-horse race on the EPL betting lines at Bovada Sportsbook – despite both Manchester City and the defending champions from Liverpool suffering losses in the early going. Where’s the love for Aston Villa? After crushing Liverpool 7-2 two weeks ago, the Lions are perfect at 3-0 with a league-high goal differential of +9, but they’re +12500 long shots at press time to win the title.

EPL Odds Breakdown

It’s a long season, and the leading contenders have until Friday before the domestic transfer window closes, so maybe we shouldn’t read too much into their early struggles. Here are the top five title favorites on Bovada’s EPL lines:

1. Manchester City: +140 EPL Odds

After escaping punishment and having their Champions League berth returned to them, the Sky Blues’ (1W-1L-1D, —1 goal differential) second match in the new campaign saw them lose 5-2 to Leicester City – another long shot at +6600. Most recently, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Leeds on October 3, although they did control the match for the most part. They really need to cut down on the quality of their opponents’ shots if they want to remain elite.

2. Liverpool: +150 EPL Odds

The Reds (3W-1L, zero differential) may have been embarrassed by Aston Villa, thanks in part to a number of positive COVID-19 tests, but at least they won their other three matches, beating both Arsenal and Chelsea along the way. As far as adding talent goes, money’s too tight right now. Before the larger transfer window closed on October 5, Liverpool let promising striker Rhian Brewster move on to Sheffield United for roughly US$30 million, having spent $53 million to lure versatile Diogo Jota away from Wolverhampton.

3. Chelsea: +1200 EPL Odds

The odds to win the EPL grow considerably longer once you get past Man City and Liverpool. Consider the Blues (2W-1L-1D, +4), who sit seventh on the table. That 2-0 loss to the Reds at Stamford Bridge showed how desperate Chelsea are for some scoring punch. Maybe things will look better when Hakim Ziyech finally makes his debut this Saturday against Southampton, after suffering a knee injury during the preseason.

4. Tottenham Hotspur: +1400 EPL Odds

Jose Mourinho was more than happy with Sunday’s 6-1 dismantling of 10-man Manchester United at Old Trafford. That moves Tottenham (2W-1L-1D, +7) into sixth place on the table with a +7 goal differential, but they’re still five points behind the No. 5 team on our list.

5. Everton: +1600 EPL Odds

You can’t ask for more than what Everton (4W-0L, +7) have accomplished thus far. But aside from their 1-0 win over Spurs, they haven’t faced the EPL’s toughest teams. That will all change this Saturday when Everton host Liverpool (7:30 AM ET) in the latest edition of their Merseyside derby. Can they beat the Reds for the first time in a decade as +290 home dogs?


*Odds as of December 29, 2020

Soccer at Bovada

How to Bet on English Premier League Soccer 

Betting on soccer or football in Europe is a global phenomenon unlike any other. If you’re used to betting on soccer, you have most of the tools you need to bet on the beautiful game. But there are some key differences from American sports to keep in mind. Here are the different ways you can bet on English Premier League (AKA EPL) at Bovada Sportsbook.

EPL Spread Betting

The point spread is the most popular way to bet on NFL and NBA games. It works much the same way in soccer, taking a match between two teams and turning the betting result into as much of a coin flip as possible by requiring the favorite to win by a specified number of goals. Here is an example of the favorite needing to win by at least 0.5 goals for their bets to payout:

Manchester City F.C.  –0.5 (+115)

Chelsea F.C. +0.5 (–145)

Unlike with most North American sports, soccer traditionally shows the home team at the top instead of the bottom when posting EPL odds. Manchester City are the home side in this case, and they’re the favorites, as seen by their spread with the negative sign. In order to pay out, Manchester City have to beat Chelsea by more than 0.5 goals – which means any victory. The underdog Chelsea, on the other hand, can either draw or win outright to cover the spread.

The numbers in parentheses show the payouts for each side, using the American odds format. If Manchester City covers, they’ll pay out at +115, meaning you’ll get $115 for every $100 wagered (smaller and larger multiples are allowed). If Chelsea covers, their –145 payout means you’ll get $100 for every $145 wagered.

EPL Moneyline Betting

For a more throwback approach, the moneyline allows you to bet on all three possible outcomes in a soccer match: Team A winning, Team B winning, and the draw. Here’s how these odds might look at Bovada:

Manchester City F.C. +110

Chelsea F.C. +200

Draw +260

Use the point spread example to calculate the potential payouts for each of these outcomes. Note that the 3-way moneyline in soccer refers to the score at the end of regulation; if they go to extra time and one team wins, it’s still considered a draw for betting.

EPL Totals

Just like the other major sports in North America, you can bet on the two teams combining to score OVER or UNDER a certain number of goals that is decided by the oddsmaker. Look at the example below:

Manchester City F.C. O 3.0 (+110)

Chelsea F.C. U 3.0 (–140)

It doesn’t actually matter which team is listed at the top here – the important thing is that they have to score OVER or UNDER three goals to pay out at the prices listed in parentheses. The OVER side is always on top; we include the “O” here at Bovada to help you read the soccer odds. If the two teams in this example happen to score exactly three goals, it’s a “push” and all bets are returned. This can also happen in spread betting when the spread is a whole number like 1.0 goals or 2.0 goals.

EPL Live Betting

For an extra dose of fun, try betting on EPL games while they’re in progress. You can bet on the final outcome, and you can bet on specific events occurring throughout the game, like which team will score the next goal, and whether a certain player will find the back of the net. Tap or click the LIVE button at the top-left of your screen when you’re viewing the odds at Bovada, and you’ll see which games are available for live betting.

Congratulations. You now have all of the information you need to start betting on English Premier League Soccer at Bovada. To find out more, consult our soccer FAQ and Help guides, browse the ever-growing collection of articles in our vault, and feel free to contact Customer Service 24/7 if you have any other questions. We’ll see you on the pitch.

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