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The Bovada Rewards program (“Promotion”) goes into effect starting August 22, 2017. Only game activity occurring after this date counts towards the Promotion.


Rewards Points and Conversion

  • All aspects of the Promotion, including point accumulation rules, point redemption value, bonus value, player eligibility, dates and times of credit issuing or anything else relevant to the Promotion can be modified, suspended or cancelled at any time, without cause or prior notice.
  • Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses revoked and be subject to further sanctions, at the discretion of Bovada Sportsbook, Casino and Poker Room management.
  • The general rules and policies of along with standard Terms and Conditions shall also apply to this Promotion.
  • Players can earn rewards points by making Sports wagers, playing in the Casino and Poker Room with cash only.
  • Any play in Live Dealer Casino games do not contribute towards earning Rewards Points.
  • Rewards points are not earned from play using bonus or locked cash.
  • The rate at which rewards points are earned varies per game, game category and wager type.
  • Rewards points for Sports wagers are only issued upon the settlement of a bet. In the case of No Action on a wager, then no rewards points will be issued.
  • Rewards points for Sports wagers are issued based on the wager amount or the win amount, whichever is lesser.
  • Rewards points are not issued for Sports wagers which are graded as a push.
  • Points can be converted at any time into bonus cash.
  • Bonus cash purchased with rewards points can be used to play in the Casino, Sportsbook or Racebook. Bonus cash purchased with rewards points can not be used to play Poker.
  • Players can redeem their rewards points based on the redemption rate of the tier they are currently in.
  • Rollover for bonus cash purchased with rewards points is 2x Sports/Racebook and 10x Casino and 5 Rewards Points earned in Poker per bonus dollar.


Daily Cash Back on Losses

Every day at midnight if a player's cash balance is below $10 then the following calculation is done to determine if they are eligible for a cashback bonus. Calculation is done as follows:

  • From the last time you received a cashback bonus, we look at your total deposits, minus your total withdrawals, minus your ending balance.
    • In the case that you have not yet received a cash back bonus then the calculation is done from the date of your first deposit, or the Bovada Rewards launch date of August 22, 2017, whichever is more recent.
    • Any funds in play as of 12:00 AM EST are discounted from your deposited amount and will be eligible for cashback the day after it settles.
  • If that number is positive, then we’ve determined you have suffered a loss and are eligible for cash back.
  • We then calculate at what ratio your funds were lost in each of the products; Casino, Poker and Sports/Racebook. Cash back percentage varies per product and is based on your rewards level. Cashback percentage per product is applied to your eligible amount and Cashback is issued in the form of a cash bonus.
  • Cash back bonuses will be issued daily before 5 PM ET.
  • Your cash bonus can then be used anywhere in our Sportsbook, Racebook Poker Room or Casino.
  • Rollover on cash back bonus is 1x Sports/Racebook, 1x Casino and 5 Rewards Points earned in Poker per dollar.


Here is how you earn points

Game/Wager Type Wager Amount Rewards points per dollar in handle
Video Poker $1 1
Table Game $1 1
Single deck blackjack $1 1
Double deck blackjack $1 1
Blackjack $1 1
Slot Game $1 5
Specialty games $1 15
*Sports Singles $1 3
*Sports Teasers $1 15
*Sports Round Robin $1 25
*Sports Parlays $1 25
**Racebook Straight Wager $1 40
**Racebook Exotics/Multiples $1 60

* Rewards points for Sports wagers are credited once the wager has been settled. Points are issued based on the lesser of the Win or Risk amount.



Rewards Level Casino Cashback % Poker Cashback % Sports Cashback %
Starter 6.5% 3.5% 2.5%
Rookie 1 7% 4% 2.75%
Rookie 2 7.5% 4.25% 3%
Rookie 3 8.5% 4.5% 3.25%
Pro 1 9% 5% 3.5%
Pro 2 9.5% 5.25% 3.75%
Pro 3 10% 5.5% 4%
All-Star 1 11% 6% 4.25%
All-Star 2 11.5% 6.25% 4.5%
All-Star 3 12% 6.5% 4.75%
Legend 1 13% 7% 5%
Legend 2 14% 7.5% 5.5%
Legend 3 15.5% 8.5% 6%
Hall of Fame 20% 10% 7.5%