Anti Money Laundering

Bovada is required to adhere to the regulations relating to the prevention of Money Laundering and of the proceeds of crime and the funding of terrorism (AML / CFT).

As part of its continuous improvement implementations, Bovada is dedicated to putting in place the necessary steps needed to ensure that all employees, full-time or contractual, participate actively in preventing any of the Company’s services and/or outlets for the sole or partial purpose of money laundering and/or the financing of terrorist undertakings.

Money laundering (ML) and the use of legal or illegal monies for the purpose of terrorist financing have become ever growing threats - Bovada is fully committed to playing its role in assisting the international fight against such organized crime and terrorism.

For this reason, Bovada has implemented an effective company-wide Anti-Money Laundering program designed to deter, detect and report suspicious activity involving money laundering or terrorist financing; bribery; corruption; other activities that may violate applicable economic sanctions; and/or the misuse of its products and services and delivery channels.