Do you realize what day it is? You've got days ... four days to get your chestnuts together and finish off that Christmas list before the 25th arrives and you've got nothing but used candles and scratched scratch-and-wins to hand out.

In our experience it isn't the kids that are tough to buy for; it's adults that will wrack your brain. And what to buy for your gaming buddies? We know all they're going to ask for is a time machine to undo that bad beat in their last online blackjack session.

We've got some ideas to make it the best casino Christmas ever.


The World's Greatest Blackjack Book 

For that buddy that complains the odds are always against him, get him a book that will teach him that he/she's probably just playing the game wrong. 

“The World's Greatest Blackjack Book” is a great teaching tool for the beginner gamer that wants ... no needs to learn the strategies behind everyone's favorite casino game.

The book boasts that it's the blackjack bible, with complete information on odds, betting strategies, and more. Now updated (to include the rules of play in Atlantic City -- as well as international rules so the recipient of this gift will even know how to play Bovada's European online blackjack).


Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank 

Who doesn't need to save money nowadays? The Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Bank does just that. Use it as a piggy bank by popping in change whenever you see fit, then cash in by hitting that triple diamond jackpot! The coolest part about this gift is they can actually put some of the money in a separate compartment to ensure their savings isn't taken if a buddy decides to give the machine a whirl. A cool gift that will be great for future parties.


Croupier on DVD 

There were plenty of well known casino movies we could've picked, but we're sure your buddy has seen “Casino,” “Ocean's 11,” “Rounders” etc. “Croupier” is a more obscure casino movie that will help whoever gets this gift appreciate the perks and difficulties of being a dealer. 

The film follows a writer (Clive Owen) as he works off writers block by working at a casino as a croupier. You get to see the elegance of being a dealer and the power he holds over the players. You also get to see all the B.S. they have to deal with.

This movie has an odd way of making gamers want to become dealers themselves after a sit-through.


Casino Gaming Bar 

For that really good friend, get ‘em something extravagant that you can also enjoy, a Casino Gaming Bar!

We're talking hardwood oak with a wine rack, place to hold wine glasses, ice bucket and mixers. But best of all, it's a roulette table on top! 

We have a feeling this table will quickly become the life of every party, who wouldn't want to chill around this bar on New Year's Eve?

Bovada Casino Membership! 

You should've seen this one coming. Maybe it's a bit of a selfish plug but can you think of a casino gift that keeps on giving like this?

We're talking online casino gaming that allows your friend to make tons of cash, or giving them a membership to play online for free as much as they want. 

It's not just the 100-plus casino games that will keep them going either. Bovada has 100 percent match bonuses, progressive jackpots that weigh in at over one million and, until January 9, a Casino Holiday contest just for playing!

That's more than the Casino Gaming Bar for zero percent of the price. Sounds like the perfect gift to us.