Casinos are built for entertainment, and the cost of that entertainment is the house edge built into wagers. The house edge is an average percentage of money that the house collects from wagers in the long run. All casino games have a house edge for their primary bets, but some games offer lower house edges than others. If you’re interested in making the most of your casino dollars, these three games should be on your radar. 


Craps House Edge

Craps is king when it comes to low house edge. It’s one of the only casino games that offers a bet with zero house edge attached: the odds bet. To access it, you need to first bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. 

The Pass Line bet comes with a 1.41% house edge, and the Don’t Pass Line comes with a 1.36% house edge. After betting on one of them, you can boost your bet by taking or laying odds. Always bet as much as the casino allows on the odds because they’re essentially free bets. At Bovada, you can bet 3X your Pass Line bet when you take the Pass odds, and 6X your Don’t Pass Line bet when you lay the Don’t Pass odds.


Blackjack House Edge

Bovada offers a series of Classic Blackjack games with house edge percentages that range from 0.037% to 0.535% when playing optimally. The biggest indicator of house edge is the number of decks included. Playing Single Deck Blackjack optimally brings the house edge down to 0.037%. Double Deck Blackjack offers a slightly higher house edge of 0.424%, and the standard six deck variant has the biggest house edge of the bunch: 0.535%.

Bringing the edge down to these tiny levels requires learning optimal blackjack strategy – something that’s easy to do when playing online. 


Baccarat House Edge

Easy gameplay with low house edge exists in baccarat. This game is so simple, all you do is bet on one of three outcomes: the Banker, the Player or the Tie. When playing baccarat online, the action unrolls systematically, with the side coming closest to 9 points wins the round.

To decide which outcome to bet on, you need to know the house edge for each side. The lowest edge comes with the Banker, which is only 1.06% for six and eight-deck variants. The next best bet is the Player, which costs 1.24% over the long run. Ties offer big payouts because they have a low probability (9.5%). At Bovada, Tie bets pay 9:1, which translates to a 4.931% house edge. Be aware of casinos paying 8:1 for Tie bets; the house edge jumps to 14.44% for these bets.


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