It’s no secret that some of the best bets in the casino are exclusive to craps. This table game has been around for hundreds of years, originating from Hazard – an English dice game. Despite undergoing changes, craps has maintained a number of competitive bets – some with no house edge at all. We’ll also discuss the worst bet you can make at the craps table, so you can hit the felt ready to make the most of your craps experience.


Don’t Pass, Laying Odds

According to craps strategy, the best bets to make are Don’t Pass and Laying the Odds. The house edge for the Don’t Pass bet is 1.36% and there’s no edge when laying odds. As a result, you want to bet as much as you can on the odds, and how much you can wager depends on the point number.

After placing a $5 Don’t Pass bet at Bovada Casino and establishing a point, you can bolster your bet by laying odds up to:   

$22 if the point is Nine or Five.

$30 if the point is Four or Ten.

$18 if the point is Eight or Six.


By laying odds, you’re betting that the shooter will roll a seven before the point. Seven is the most common result of rolling two dice (there are six different ways to roll a seven), and the payouts are based on true odds.


If the point is a:

Four or Ten, the payout is 1-2

Five or Nine, the payout is 2-3

Six or Eight, the payout is 5-6.


Pass Line, Taking Odds

The second -best bets you can make at the craps table are the Pass Line/Taking Odds bets. The house edge for the Pass Line bet is 1.41%, and zero for taking odds. With these bets, you’ll be betting with the shooter, which is always fun in a lively craps session.

To take odds, you must first put down a Pass Line bet, and establish a point (Four, Five, Six, Eight, Nine, Ten). Then you put your chips right behind the Pass Line bar. At Bovada Casino, you can bet up to 3X your Pass Line bet on the odds. If the shooter re-rolls the point number before a seven, you win, and because the odds of re-rolling the point are lower than rolling a seven, the payouts are higher:


If the point is a:

Four or Ten, the payout is 2-1

Five or Nine, the payout is 3-2

Six or Eight, the payout is 6-5.


Worst Craps Bet: Big Red

The Any Seven bet, aka Big Red, is the worst bet on the table. You’re betting the shooter will land a Seven on the upcoming roll, which sounds like a good bet. As we mentioned, Seven is the most commonly rolled number, but the odds of rolling that Seven are 5-1, whereas the standard payout is 4-1, making it less appealing than it looks.