Ever since live dealers became available at Bovada Casino, people no longer have to choose between the convenience of online casino gaming and the person-to-person interactions that were possible only at brick-and-mortar establishments. The live dealer online casino merges the two by creating a live studio in a casino with a real person taking bets and running the casino game; it’s all filmed in real time and streamed in the “Live Dealer” section of our website.

Beyond the main benefit of getting to play from the comfort of home, many perks are included in the live dealer experience that you won’t find in our regular casino games. In this article, we’re showcasing the extra bets and features that are exclusive to live dealer games and will make you want to log in and play live dealer now. But first, we’ll explain how real money live dealer betting works.

How Live Dealer Games Work

When you visit the Live Dealer section of our casino, all of our live dealer table games are listed via gamecards. Two versions of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette are available, with many dealers assigned to these games at the same time.

Blackjack and Blackjack Early Payout

The early payout version of Blackjack is the same great game we all know and love but it also offers players a choice to continue with their hand, or take an early payout upon forfeit. This is not your standard surrender option; the payout size varies depending on your hand strength and the dealer’s up-card. 

Another beneficial feature to Live Dealer Blackjack is the built-in basic strategy software that highlights the moves to make if you want to follow basic Blackjack strategy. It’s a great way to get started if you’re new to the game. Play up to three hands simultaneously in both versions of Blackjack.

American Roulette

A croupier will spin a physical wheel with 38 digits (0, 00 and 1-36) in this popular version of Live Dealer Roulette. 

European Roulette

With just 37 digits instead of 38, European Roulette offers the same great game but with improved odds. 


Bet on the Banker, Player, or Tie in this live dealer version of the casino classic made famous by James Bond.

Super 6 

Super 6 is Baccarat at its core, but with lots of intriguing side bets that spice up the gameplay.

As you scroll through the options looking for the game you want to play, you’ll get to view the dealers currently available. For those wondering is live dealer real—yes, it is. Each dealer has their photo on the game card along with the table limits. Most games have seven seats at the virtual table, and you’ll be able to see how many seats are available when you’re looking to join. To join a table with open seats, choose your seat by tapping one of the “+” icons. 

When you’re in, you’re free to chat with the dealer and other players through the text box. The actual gameplay doesn’t change; you’ll play the game the same way you normally would by choosing the chip value you want to stake and selecting your moves; however, as you’ll discover in a moment, there are some extra betting options available in live dealer games that aren’t typically included in the standard version. 

Live Dealer Strategy, Does it Differ from Online?

Strategies for live dealer games are dictated by the rules of the game you’re playing, regardless of whether or not there’s a live dealer involved. For example, a live dealer Blackjack game with six decks and the dealer hitting on soft 17 will have the same strategy as regular Blackjack with six decks where the dealer hits on soft 17. Small variances will occur with rules on doubling, splitting and surrendering, which are covered in Blackjack strategy charts. If you’re unsure how to incorporate this strategy into your Blackjack game, let the software show you the moves to make for optimal returns.

Side Betting

Side Betting in Blackjack

Blackjack has two side bets included. The Pairs side bet includes an 11-1 payout when you’re dealt a pair in the initial two-card deal. The Rummy side bet awards a 9-1 payout when your first three cards form a rummy set (three-of-a-kind, three-card straight, three-card flush).

Side Betting in Baccarat

Baccarat has a side bet called the Dragon Bet, which pays when the hand you wagered on wins by a natural, or at least four points. The payout is a sliding scale, with a 1:1 payout awarded with a natural or 4-point win margin. The pay goes all the way up to 30:1 for winning by a maximum nine-point win margin.

Side Betting in Super 6

Super 6 has more side bets than any other live dealer casino game. In addition to having the same Dragon Bet offered in Baccarat, Super 6 also has the Super 6 side bet (pays when Banker wins by 6), the Player Pair (pays when Player is dealt a pair), the Banker Pair (pays when Banker is dealt a pair) and Either Pair (pays when either the Banker or Player is dealt a pair).

Back Betting

Back betting is a very popular feature found in live Blackjack that lets people bet on other people who are actively playing. When you back bet, you’re going along with your chosen player’s decisions, even when that means putting extra money down on the table for doubling and splitting scenarios. Ultimately, you get paid if and when the player you’re back betting gets paid, so finding someone experiencing a hot streak is a dream scenario in this case.

Tipping and Other Perks

Tipping is another option that becomes available with live dealer casino games, and it’s no ordinary tip. Drag and drop a chip onto the “T” circle beside the main live dealer betting options, and if you win the hand, we double your tip. Dealers will thank you by your screen name when tipped.

Head over to the Live Dealer section of the casino and see why this new form of online casino betting has become so popular here at Bovada.