Thank goodness we can bet on sports again. There are other ways to have fun on the internet – you can play Microgaming slots online at Bovada Casino, for example. But while these are the best online slots in the business, no trip to the casino is complete without first paying a visit to the sportsbook.

Of course, if you want to bet on sports, you have to put some money in your Bovada account first. The best way to do that these days is to either use Bitcoin or a voucher code. This quick-and-easy guide will show you how to deposit and play now with Bitcoin (or its close cousin, Bitcoin Cash), and how you can use vouchers to move your money around. 

Why Bitcoin and Vouchers Are the Best

Bovada Sportsbook still accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and UnionPay) for deposits, but as you may have noticed lately, those companies are becoming more reluctant to let transactions go through. When they do, it can take a while for your money to reach your account, and the maximum deposit you can make at Bovada using a credit card is $1,500.

You can eliminate this problem by using Bitcoin or vouchers instead. With these methods, your transactions will go through seamlessly, and your deposit limits are much higher: $3,000 for vouchers, and $5,000 for Bitcoin. You also don’t have to pay the same fees using these methods as you do with credit cards.

How Bitcoin Deposits Work

In case you haven’t heard yet, Bitcoin is the future. This decentralized currency isn’t controlled by any banks or government agencies; it’s all digital, and it’s quick and secure—plus, you don’t have to be a financial wizard to figure out how to deposit with Bitcoin. You just need two things: a cryptocurrency wallet, and an account at a registered crypto exchange. The wallet lets you move funds from your bank account to the exchange, then from the exchange to your Bovada account and back again.

How Vouchers Work

For an even smoother transfer of funds, you can join the Bovada Community and buy a voucher from another player. You’ll be sent a voucher code via email; enter this code when you make your deposit, and it should go through instantly. Don’t forget to keep track of your vouchers – you need to use them before they reach their six-month expiry date. And yes, as a member of the community, you can also sell vouchers to other players, then use that voucher code to make withdrawals from your Bovada account.

Use Bitcoin Bonuses and Bet on Sports

One of the best things about betting with Bitcoin is all of the extra bonus money new customers can earn. For your first Bitcoin deposit at Bovada Sportsbook, we’ll match the amount you deposit by 75%, for as much as $750 in free bonus cash. That’s greater than the 50% standard welcome bonus for up to $250 when you use other deposit methods. Additional and ongoing Bitcoin bonuses are available for members, so make sure to check out our Promotions page often for the latest deals.

As for those vouchers, once you’ve signed up and become part of the Bovada Community, you’ll have yet another easy and reliable way to make your deposits. You can find out more by consulting our FAQ and Help guides; in the meantime, enjoy the sports, and stay healthy.