Whenever you hear about really big casino wins, they’re typically from games with progressive jackpots. A small portion of every bet goes into a game’s progressive jackpot, which grows until a lucky player triggers it. Sometimes the pots are shared between a number of games, sometimes they’re independent. What matters most is the amount of cash offered.

If you’ve ever heard of slots with break-even values, you probably make a point to scout out the games with the biggest progressive jackpots. Most games have a slightly negative expected return because of the house edge built into them. But when a jackpot gets big enough, the average Return to Player (RTP) exceeds 100%, creating a positive expectation. Let’s take a look at our four slot games with the biggest progressive jackpots as we go to press. 


A Night With Cleo


A Night With Cleo consistently offers one of the biggest progressive jackpots in the house. Try your luck with this seductive pharaoh, who has the power to double your payouts. The jackpot is random and doesn’t require a minimum bet.


Money Magic


Magicians rule the reels of Money Magic. Watch the magician make a woman levitate while a ring passes around her. The better the trick, the bigger the payout, and this magician’s a pro. This game requires you to Bet Max in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.


Strike Gold


Everything in this 3-reel, 1-line bet is glittering in gold, including the $36K progressive jackpot. You need to land three game logos on a 2-coin bet to strike gold in this one.


Super Diamond Mine


Super Diamond Mine offers a progressive jackpot that is dynamite, to say the least. People enjoy trying their luck underground, where diamonds are hidden everywhere – all you need to do is find them.


Food Fight!


A massive $636,000 is on the line at Food Fight! The game is loaded with everything you need to have an epic food fight, including pizza slices, blueberry pies, burgers, and pudding. Land five puddings on an active payline, and you win the fight. You’ll be rewarded with the progressive jackpot.