Casino Leaderboards

Casino Leaderboards

There’s nothing like a little competitive spirit to keep things interesting at casinos. Whether you’re playing sports or casino games, like slot games, for real money, competitions make for a lively atmosphere and give players extra incentive to excel. In order to instill some good-hearted rivalry among our online casino players, we created online Casino Leaderboards for real money prizes.

If you’ve yet to play online slots tournaments (or table games tournaments), this online comprehensive guide is a good starting point. We’ll explain how online Casino Leaderboards work, outline the many real money benefits to playing them, and tell you how to win big cash online. The play guide concludes with a Casino Leaderboards FAQ, so you can get quick answers for your casino tournament questions.

What Are Casino Leaderboards? | How Do They Work?

A casino Leaderboards is a competition between online casino players to see who has the most successful gaming session. During the real money competition, all of the players who signed up for a tournament play the same game at the same time. As they play, their wins are systematically converted to points in order to track the success of each person’s tournament session. At the end of the real money tournament, all of the points are tallied officially and the three players with the most points earn rewards for first, second and third place finishes.

To join a casino leaderboard, the first step is to pick an event or which of the games that you’re interested in, like one of the slot games. Simply browse through the events featured on the “Happening Now” or “Full Schedule” tabs. The online game, start play time and duration are all listed, and a drop-down menu includes more leaderboard details such as the conditions that must be met in order to qualify for prizes, and the prizes that are up for grabs. To take part in an online competition, use the “JOIN” button, and then use the “PLAY” button to launch the game in Leaderboard mode. Play the game as you would normally; your points will accumulate automatically.

Online Casino Leaderboards | Why You Should Play Them

With no sign-up cost, Casino Leaderboards give you access to a wide range of online play games without having to invest anything more than what you were planning to gamble anyway. Say you were planning to invest $100 on a progressive slot; if you were to launch the slot in Leaderboard mode, every penny of the $100 would be used for spins in the tournament. We don’t collect any real money fees for offering the tournaments.

We also don’t restrict you from winning real money payouts throughout the competition. Wins are converted to points simply as a form of tracking; you still keep all of the money that you get throughout your play session.

On top of getting to keep all of your real money winnings, you have the chance to win extra cash prizes. You could win $20 in cash bonuses, which would be a nice bump to your play bankroll. Getting rewarded for having a great casino play session is what attracts people to our Leaderboard competitions more than anything else.

The Benefits of Playing Online Tournaments

After a solid casino play session, most of us feel compelled to celebrate in some way. After all, savoring the thrill of the win is part of the fun. And when you conclude a play session by stepping up on a podium to receive a real money prize for your stellar play, you’ll be able to bask in the celebration we all crave.

It’s one thing to feel like you’re a good Blackjack player, and another thing to prove to other people that you’re a good Blackjack player. When you play online Blackjack in tournament mode, you can show off the skills that you earned by mastering a game. If you’re regularly a top contender for a specific game, it’s because you’ve learned how to excel at it, and that’s worth putting on display online.

What Games Can I Play?

Our Casino Leaderboards feature a wide range of online slot games and table games that were hand-picked based upon their popularity with our players. Although the rotation of games is always in flux, at the moment, you can play three different types of Blackjack games and our new version of Baccarat.

•The “New” Blackjack

•Single Deck Blackjack

•Double Deck Blackjack


We currently have four slot games available in our Leaderboard competitions, and three of the four are jackpot slots.

•777 Deluxe (progressive real money jackpot included)

•Fast & Sexy

•A Night With Cleo (progressive real money jackpot included)

•Gold Rush Gus (progressive real money jackpot included)

How Do I Win Slots Tournaments?

In order to win real money at one of our daily slot tournaments, you must accumulate the most points during the competition’s pre-determined timeframe. Points are awarded in two ways: through wins, and by completing basic tournament requirements.

A standard slot win, which is less than 10X the stake bet, awards 5 points. A “Big” slot win is 10X the bet and awards 10 points. Mega and Epic wins are 20X and 50X your bet, and they both contribute 25 points to your rank.

In addition to getting points for winning rounds, you also get points for simply spinning the reels; every spin gets you one point. Be sure to check the Tournament requirements before playing, so that you know the minimum number of spins and bet size needed to qualify for prizes.

How Do I Win Blackjack Tournaments?

To win one of our daily Blackjack tournaments, you must accumulate more points than your competitors while also meeting the tournament requirements listed in the Tournament Details. Blackjack points are awarded for winning a round and completing the minimum hand requirements. A standard win awards players 5 points, while a “Blackjack” win awards 10 points. If you tie the Dealer, resulting in a push, you get 2 points. One point is awarded for completing the basic tournament requirements, which is based on a minimum bet and minimum number of hands that must be played.

The nature of Blackjack presents unique online opportunities to earn points. When you split a hand, for instance, you have the opportunity to win double the points. Winning both split hands counts as two wins, earning you a total of 10 points. Note, landing a 10 on a split Ace doesn’t count as Blackjack, so it would get you 5 points instead of 10. Use our Online Blackjack Strategy Guide for additional tips on how to win.

Casino Leaderboards FAQ

Still have questions regarding our daily online Casino Leaderboards? Check out the Casino Tournament FAQ below for more information.

Can I play online Casino Leaderboards on mobile?

Our Casino Leaderboards can be played on mobile, and you don’t need a specific kind of smartphone to play. If you receive a phone call while the tournament is in progress, you’ll return to the competition once you hang up.

Do free spins count towards the minimum spin requirements in slot tournaments?

Free spins do not count toward the minimum spin requirements outlined in the Tournament Details. But the wins earned during a free spins session do contribute towards your total points for that real money win.

I accidentally signed up for the wrong casino tournament. How do I exit?

If the tournament hasn’t started yet, use the “UNJOIN” button to exit. If the tournament has begun, simply exit the window as you would exit any casino game.

Can I join a casino tournament that has already started?

All of our Casino Leaderboards can be joined up to two minutes after the posted start time.

What happens if two people are tied for the most points at the end of the competition?

If two people are tied for the most points, the person who has more spins/rounds is declared the winner. If they both have identical spins/rounds, the one who reached that number of spins/rounds first is the winner.

Can I see how many points I have accumulated while in progress?

You can see how many points you have while in play by clicking on your ranking.

How do I know if I’ve won?

At the end of the tournament, your point total, ranking and real money prize (if in the top three) will load automatically.

Are there any phone requirements for accessing the Leaderboards via smartphone?

Any iPhone 4 and up will be capable to accessing our web app. Android devices, iPads and tablets can also access our Leaderboard competitions. There are no downloads required; just use your web browser.

Where will I see my name displayed upon winning a tournament?

The Today’s Results tab shows the winners of the current day’s Leaderboard, but instead of seeing names, you see the Player Number. You’ll also see how many hands (or rounds) the winners played and the number of points they accumulated. The top three players’ prizes are also listed.

Do the bonuses have rollover requirements?

The casino cash bonuses awarded to tournament winners come with small rollover requirements that must be met before the cash bonus is withdrawn. The requirement is listed under the Leaderboard Details.

How long are the Leaderboard competitions?

To see the duration of a Leaderboard competition, check out the Duration column on the schedule. Most Leaderboard competitions last 10 or 15 minutes.

If your answer isn’t covered in the FAQ, you can use our new Help Center, or call our Customer Service team, who are happy to help any time, day and night. Good luck with the tournaments- get your spins with slots or get your best 21 now for real money cash prizes.

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