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How Good Casino Strategy Can Make A Difference To Your Profits

Most people view casinos as a source of entertainment. This is a healthy view as the house-edge will always win out in the end. Good casino strategy will help you keep that edge to the minimum. If you can keep playing for the longest possible time for your bankroll, then you have the best chance of enjoying some of the upswings which can make for a memorable night. This article covers the key elements of casino strategy to help you get the best possible value for your money.

First up, you will find some general information on the house-edge and how to keep that to the minimum possible. Next, I have covered popular betting systems, which can smooth out variance in the short-term. After that, you’ll find an overview of the all-important casino bankroll management, which is followed by some advice on adjusting your strategy to maximize your own enjoyment of the games.

Casino Strategy – Keeping The House Edge To A Minimum

While you can’t escape the house edge, you can keep it to a minimum very easily. There are several steps involved in doing this.

First you need to choose a game with a low house-edge. This will ensure you are not leaking chips every time you play. Blackjack has a low edge, with the best games starting from 0.36% (less than 4c for every $1 bet). Baccarat has a low 1% edge and is also known as Punto Banco. Caribbean Stud is one to avoid as are some casino Holdem type games. Slots can also have a heavy house edge while video poker is more player-friendly.

After you choose your game, your strategy should be to learn the details of how to play. For example, Blackjack tables make a lot of money from players who make mistakes like hitting in the wrong spots or failing to split against certain dealer up-cards. By playing ‘perfect’ strategy you’ll keep the edge down, so make sure you learn it.

Third, you need to avoid side-bets. These have huge house advantages: to go back to the Blackjack example the insurance bet is 12.5% in favor of the house and bets like Perfect Pairs have 7% against you.

Casino Strategy – Betting Systems

Betting systems can’t win you money in the long run. Both mathematical simulations and the fact that the casinos have welcomed systems bettors for decades with open arms are testament to this. There are some systems which can be used to reduce the variance of your wins/losses or to add more fun to the game.

Negative Progressions: Made famous by the Martingale system, this betting strategy sees you double your bets after each loss. Based on a 50%/50% chance, the idea is that you will win and revert to your initial betting unit soon enough. The fatal flaw in this system comes when you hit a run of negative results because you could end up betting 1000x your stake to get back to a single unit.

Positive Progressions: An example here is the Paroli system, which aims to get you runs of 3 double-ups to take advantage of the occasional hot streaks. The 1-2-4-8 unit bets reverts back to 1 unit on a loss or when it finished. These are great for casual players, who will enjoy the occasional big wins. Over time each bet is with the house edge, meaning it can’t make you any extra money (or stop you losing) over the long run.

Casino Strategy – Bankroll Management

Managing your overall bankroll is a key part of any sensible casino strategy. This involves working out what stakes you can play at with your bankroll without risking ruin. For example with $100 it would make little sense to play in a $10 blackjack game.

You can use rules of thumb like 30 bets to start the session, and then move up or down stakes depending on whether you win or lose at the start. You can also use bankroll management to set ‘stop loss’ rules, which mean you’ll be able to gamble again another day. For example, you might have an overall bankroll of $2000, but only take $300 with you on any one trip and once this is gone then you go home. If you win and your bankroll grows, then you can increase the amount you take on a single session or make it smaller if you lose.

Casino Strategy – The Key Point, Maximize Your Enjoyment

Since the house will always win in the end, the most sensible strategy is one which maximizes the fun you have along the way. If you can enjoy the occasional big win, then, all the better and you might even hit a jackpot with a life-changing payout!

The best way to keep playing the longest is to ensure you choose low-edge games, learn the rules and apply solid bankroll management. This will keep you playing that much longer and maybe long enough to hit a big prize.

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