Legal Online Casino

Legal online casino

Legal Online Casino Gambling for US Players

Nobody has ever been sent to court for enjoying real money gambling at online casinos. If you live in the US and want to enjoy the thrills of casino games online, then there are several reputable and offshore operators with long track records who will welcome you to their tables. This article covers all the common questions about legal online casino gambling.

This article explains the current legal situation, putting it into context, with an overview of the major laws covering internet casino gaming. After that, it provides an overview of how the offshore operators are set up – followed by information on how to deposit and withdraw at them. Finally, you will find some information about safety and security.

Legal History

Prior to 2006, the laws concerning online gambling dated back to before the internet was ever imagined. The ‘Wire Act’ of 1961 was originally designed to stop cross-border sports betting wagers being passed by telephone. It was widely ignored by the gambling site owners, who assumed it did not apply to them.

Things all changed in 2006, with the ‘Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act’ or UIGEA, which became a law on the back of an unrelated security bill. This effectively criminalized the transfers between banks and gambling sites. By cutting off the financial life-blood of casinos – the Feds saw the main brands leave their market very quickly.

Since then the gap has been effectively plugged by offshore casino operators.

How These Work

Offshore casinos offer legal gaming to the US via their licenses – which are issued by their home country. Antigua, Netherlands Antilles and several other small countries license casinos, while on the whole the larger countries do not, fearing financial sanctions via their banking sector.

There are many big brand names that have made their way offshore over the years in order to keep offering games to US players. Some of these do not offer games to certain individual states where gambling is strictly controlled. Others offer a full range of casino, betting and poker games to players from anywhere inside the US.

How to Deposit and Withdraw

One of the biggest challenges to enjoying legal offshore casinos is to deposit money at them and then withdraw your winnings. The restrictions of the UIGEA mean that domestic banks are reluctant to allow direct transactions – requiring work-around methods.

The easiest deposit method is with credit cards. This works by tagging your spend as an international transaction, which is handled in the country in which the casino is licensed. If you spend over a certain amount (which varies by casino) then the particular room may refund any fees you incur for this type of transaction. Pre-paid credit cards are also an option; the brands which work for this do change regularly – so make sure you check with your site before you go ahead and purchase.

If your credit card does not work out, then you always have the option of using Money Transfer or Rapid Transfer services instead. Controlled by big brands, these firms will wire cash for a small fee.

There is a two-step process for getting your money wired to a legal online casino site. First you need to call your site and get a tracking number and the name of an individual that you will be sending the money to. Once you have this then you are ready to head down to your local branch office and deposit the cash. Remember that the fee will be smaller if your wire is larger. You should also keep an eye open for casino operators who refund those charges for wires over a certain amount.

You can also withdraw using Money Transfer or Rapid Transfer services; this is the fastest way to get your money out from casinos. Paper checks are an alternative, however these can take a couple of weeks to get to you and to clear through your bank.

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Casino

Some of the key factors to consider when choosing which a casino to go with include the following: trust and length of service, range of games and bonus offers.

Nowadays, trust is a big factor for online casinos. At least a few years of service and good reputation are key. Look for casinos with known brand names. It can also be worthwhile searching for any major issues with withdrawals before you commit.

Games are often quite similar across casinos. Check that the full range of slots, table games and novelty titles are available, and that your casino offers these in ways that can be accessed by your phone and tablet as well as your computer.

Finally, bonuses make a big difference to your bankroll – and so should be part of your decision to join a casino. It can pay to compare how quickly bonuses clear between casinos (you’ll find big differences) and make sure that there are great ongoing offers and promotions to keep loyal players happy.

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