What are the most popular online casino games? If you’re talking about specific titles, the answer is easy to figure out: Just visit the lobby at Bovada Casino and look under the Most Popular tab to see which games are hottest right now (Reels & Wheels XL is No. 1 at press time). But if you’re talking about casino games in general, here are the five most popular games across America in terms of revenue, starting at No. 5 and working our way up.

5. Baccarat

The people behind the James Bond films may have replaced this classic game with Texas Hold’em when they made Casino Royale (2006), but there’s no replacing baccarat in the hearts and minds of true Bond fans. This is one of the most iconic table games at Bovada Casino, and one of the most popular, too – and there are now four different ways you can play baccarat at Bovada.

You might already be familiar with our Classic Baccarat game, as well as our streamlined “New” version with the simplified layout and eye-popping colors. Bovada Casino has recently added a third Baccarat game that gives you the best of both worlds. This game takes the Classic look and updates it with better graphics, while retaining the rich colors from the new version. And don’t forget, we now have Live Dealer baccarat on our menu at Bovada.

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4. Roulette

While baccarat started becoming popular in the United States in the 1950s, roulette has been here since the days of the Mississippi riverboats in the 1830s. The roulette wheel is the centerpiece of any respectable live casino – even if many of them are switching to electronic versions, which have improved dramatically in recent years.

We’re proud of our roulette games at Bovada, too. You won’t find very many brick-and-mortar casinos in the US that offer both American Roulette (with the single-zero and the double-zero on the wheel) and European Roulette (with just the single-zero), but that’s what’s on tap here at Bovada – in both Classic and New versions, as well as Live Dealer. We’ve also introduced a new European Roulette game from the same designers that brought you our updated baccarat game. 

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3. Craps

Like roulette, craps made its way up the Mississippi from New Orleans, but in this case, we know who to thank: Bernard de Marigny, who brought the game over from England sometime around 1805. It was called Hazard back in England; the simplified version they played in New Orleans was called crapaud, which is French for “toad.” However, unlike roulette, craps was less popular with high society, and more popular with the working class.

Now that we have the internet, everyone can play online craps at Bovada Casino. The entire layout of bets can be seen in both the standard Craps game and the Live Dealer version. You’ve got the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets, which have some of the lowest house edges at the casino. You’ve also got the exciting “2” and “12” bets, which give you the maximum 30-to-1 payout when you roll Snake Eyes or Boxcars.

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2. Blackjack

Of all the table games at Bovada Casino, blackjack is easily the biggest – our “New” version of Blackjack is even No. 3 on our Most Popular list at press time. No surprise there, given that blackjack (also known as Twenty-One) is the most popular table game the world has ever seen. There’s no definitive timeline for when blackjack first hit American shores, but it was definitely popular with gamblers during the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1890s.

There are so many different ways to play blackjack at Bovada, we’ve put them all on our menu under the Blackjack Games tab. The new game uses the standard six-deck shoe, and there’s also Single-Deck and Double-Deck Blackjack, European Blackjack, and two variants called Perfect Pairs and Zappit Blackjack, which put a special twist on the game. Our Live Dealer blackjack games even have a special Early Payout version that includes a “solver” showing you the optimal play (hit, stand, etc.) to make with the cards you’ve been dealt.

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1. Slots

As popular as all those games are, nothing compares to slots. This is by far the biggest and busiest section of any casino floor in the United States, including our virtual floor here at Bovada. Slots are also a purely American invention. The first machines started popping up in New York and San Francisco starting in the late 1880s, and were originally based on poker. Later, machines would offer fruit-flavored chewing gum as prizes, using symbols like lemons, oranges and cherries instead of playing cards.

You can play online versions of these “one-armed bandits” at Bovada Casino, or you can try one of the hundreds of modern-style games on our Slots menu. Today’s slots come jam-packed with special features like bonus rounds and mini-games, not to mention those progressive jackpots that get bigger with each spin until someone finally wins it all. For the best of both worlds, try our newly updated 777 Deluxe slot, which gives you the classic Las Vegas feel with a giant progressive that’s over $160,000 as we go to press.

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There are plenty more games at Bovada Casino where these came from, including popular choices like video poker and keno, but these are the five most popular right now. You can try them all for free at Bovada by using the Practice mode; this is a great way to kick the tires and get familiar with the rules and settings before you switch to Real Money play. Check out the game descriptions and our handy Bovada FAQ and Help guides for all the details, choose your favorite game (or games), and most importantly, have fun playing.