Visa Casino Deposits

Visa casino deposits

Online Casinos Accepting Visa Card Deposits

Out of all the credit cards, Visa has the best track record of getting accepted first time at online casinos. For much of the world, there are no restrictions, making visa casino deposits and withdrawals very simple. This article covers Visa deposits at popular US online casinos, which are made more difficult by Federal banking restrictions. The good news is that even when your regular Visa card has difficulty going through, there are still some great options available.

Below you’ll find the history of depositing with Visa, which explains the current US legal situation when it comes to online gambling. After that you will find the practical step-by-step process for making your Visa online casino deposit, plus the alternatives in case your card has trouble being processed. There is no need to play at casinos without enjoying a bonus offer, so we outline the different types of comps and bonuses you can enjoy too.

Visa Online Casinos – Historical Perspectives

The reason why an article on making Visa card deposits is necessary at all is due to a law passed through the back-door in 2006. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (or UIGEA) snuck onto a security bill once it was too late to debate it, and the bill had to get through before the deadline. This bill does not criminalize individuals, instead targeting the banking infrastructure and payment processors responsible for clearing purchases though the system.

Not only did this bill cause the main regulated companies to leave the US along with their safe online casino operations, but it also made it difficult to get a Visa transaction though.

Offshore sites have gotten around this by coding Visa and other credit card transactions using international purchasing codes. These often clear the first time, and all you need to do to make one is make sure that your Visa card is set up for international purchases.

Visa Online Casinos – Practical Steps to Make Your Visa Deposit

We recommend you download the casino software of your chosen brand first; this will give you the most stable environment and will include the cashier functionality within the software itself. Make sure you read the ‘bonuses’ part of this article to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

Next you register an account. Make sure that your address is listed correctly in case you need to send any backup documentation for a withdrawal later down the line. You will also need to verify your email address during this process by clicking a link.

Once your account is set up, you are ready to head to the cashier – most casinos do not let you miss this, with a big button or link prominently displayed on their lobby. You need to choose credit card deposits and then Visa, and then fill in the form. It is important that the name you fill in exactly matches what is on the card, and you’ll also need the last three digits of your security number from the back.

This is the key moment: you add the amount to deposit, press ‘Submit’ and wait around a minute to see if your purchase went through.

If it did then the process is complete and you can go and enjoy the games.

If it did not, don’t worry – there are some other possibilities open to you.

Visa Online Casinos – What To Do If Your Visa Card Gets Declined

The first thing to do is try any back-up cards you might have; these can be Visa, MasterCard or even Amex. You just never know which are going through on any particular day when it comes to online casinos. You can also try your original card later in the day or week.

You should send an email or speak to the support staff at your casino next. There are pre-paid Visa cards which work great for casino deposits. Which particular brands are working at any time will be known by the cashier staff at your casino.

After that you have the final option of using a Money Transfer service. Again you’ll need to speak to your casino, this time to get a tracking number and the recipient of your wire. You’ll then need to locate your nearest Money Transfer office and submit your deposit. This method works great for withdrawals too.

Visa Online Casinos – Bonuses and Promotional Offers

When choosing a casino to make your Visa deposit on, we recommend that you look beyond the headline of the bonus and make sure that you are getting a fair deal. Play-through requirements are the key difference between casinos, with some requiring twice the amount of play-through compared to the rest. You should also check whether multiple smaller deposits are allowed for your bonus in lieu of one big one.

Make sure you check for ongoing bonuses and promotions. The best casinos make a big effort to look after their regular players with comps, reload bonuses and tournament entries. If your casino does not, then you should switch to somewhere that will look after you better.

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