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Let Em Ride

Many of the online casino table games you can play at Bovada Casino are fairly recent casino game-inventions, inspired by the growth of poker gambling in many casinos. Let ‘Em Ride is one of these games. Introduced in the mid-1990s by John Breeding, the founder of Shuffle Master – they make the shuffling machines found at most bricks-and-mortar casinos used in now a variety of games– Let ‘Em Ride is a simple take on 5-Card Stud, the original way to play stud poker at many casinos for real money. You won’t find this game at many live casinos anymore, but you can play Let ‘Em Ride online in-house at Bovada Casino anytime you like. We’ll show you what makes it so attractive with the best edge for high-rollers and low-rollers alike, and how you can make the right plays and bets at these games when you’re at the table online for big payouts. Did we mention there’s a progressive jackpot waiting to be won by gambling in-house at Bovada Casino? Gather close and learn about how this real money pay worthy table game where the odds are bets away. 

How It Works

Online Let ‘Em Ride poker game is actually a bit at odds from the game Breeding invented for other casinos, which he called “Let-It-Ride.” The basic concept is the same: You get dealt three cards, face-up, and two more face-down. The object is to make a five-card poker hand that’s strong enough to earn a payout – at least a pair of Tens. The stronger your hand, the higher the payout, the bigger the ride: up to 1000/1 payout for a Royal Flush.

With online Let ‘Em Ride poker game, after you place your Ante bet and see your first three cards, you decide whether or not to make another bet (always of the same amount of money) and if the odds are good for you by hitting the Raise button before seeing the fourth card on the table at Bovada Casino. Then you make the same decision before the fifth card is revealed at the table. For several bets in total. 

Let ‘Em Ride Hand Payouts

Unlike other online table games at any casino, when you play Let ‘Em Ride for real money online, it’s not you versus the Dealer or the house, but the odds of the cards. It is about each card you get while you are on the ride. All you have to do to win is get at least a pair of Tens. Here are the payouts when you play online at Bovada Casino:

Royal Flush (As-Ks-Qs-Js-Ts) 1000/1

Straight Flush (Ts-9s-8s-7s-6s) 200/1

Four of a Kind (Js-Jc-Jh-Jd-3c) 50/1

Full House (Ts-Th-Td-7s-7c) 11/1

Flush (Kh-Qh-8h-5h-2h) 8/1

Straight (7c-6s-5s-4h-3h) 5/1

Three of a Kind (6s-6h-6c-Js-3h)     3/1

Two Pair (Ac-Ah-Ks-Kh-2d) 2/1

Tens or Better (Qs-Qh-Jh-7d-4s) 1/1

Let ‘Em Ride Progressive Jackpot

In addition to the above payouts at this poker table, there’s a special progressive jackpot for an extra edge in your gambling at online casinos available for Let ‘Em Ride online poker game in-house at Bovada. This costs $1 to opt in; simply tap or click the red button on the right side of your display, and a marker with a gold star will indicate that the jackpot is on the line. Here are the payouts for this side bet:

Royal Flush 100% of jackpot

Straight Flush 10% of jackpot

Four of a Kind $500

Full House $100

Flush $75

Let Em Ride

Let ‘Em Ride Strategy

As you can see, Let ‘Em Ride poker table game is a pretty easy game to play. You have only two in-game decisions to make when you play online at casinos: whether or not to Raise before the fourth and fifth cards are revealed on the table. But with a little strategy, you can maximize your expected return and ride to the best payout. Your first decision comes after the first three cards are dealt on this ride. Here are all the best situations where you should Raise when you play in this poker game:

- Any made hand (Tens or Better)

- Three cards to a Royal Flush

- Three cards to a Straight Flush, no gaps, 5-4-3 or higher

- Three cards to a Straight Flush, with one gap and at least one card Ten or higher

- Three cards to a Straight Flush, with two gaps and at least two cards Ten or higher

The gaps here are very important. With one gap, we mean three cards like Ten-Nine-Seven, where two of the cards are connected and the third card is only off by one rank. With two gaps to fill, you can have three cards like Queen-Jack-Eight with one double-gap, or Queen-Ten-Eight with two single gaps. All these 3-card drawing hands are called backdoor draws in poker and are a strategy you can use to play Let 'em Ride.

Once your fourth card is revealed, it’s time to make your second decision during any of your online Let 'em Ride games at Bovada Casino. Now you’ll hit the Raise button if you find yourself on a ride with any of these hands:

- Any made hand

- Four cards to a Flush

- Four consecutive cards to an outside Straight, with at least one card Ten or higher

An outside Straight is one that can be completed by drawing a card that’s either one rank lower or one rank higher than the four you already have. For example, if you have T-9-8-7, you’ll complete your Straight by drawing either a Jack or a Six card. This is different than an inside Straight draw like T-9-7-6, which can only be completed by drawing an Eight. Those extra four cards (known as outs) make it worth putting in a Raise with your outside Straight draw – as long as you have a high card to go with it, so you can also make Tens or Better.

That’s the optimal strategy for gambling at all online casinos while playing Let ‘Em Ride poker games. By using this strategy to the best of your ability, you can narrow the house edge for this game down to 3.51%, which falls somewhere between the games European Roulette game (2.70%) and American Roulette game (5.26%). It's a bonus when the house edge is low and you have that edge to place bets on your hand. But what about the progressive jackpot and the pay? The house edge for that side bet depends on how big the jackpot has grown; it’s up to you to decide whether or not to go for an extra ride- are the odds in your favor?

Now that you’ve read this simple Let ‘Em Ride poker strategy guide, you’re ready to hit the tables at Bovada Casino to place the best bets you got. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free account, and don’t forget to collect our $3,000 Welcome Bonus for new players. We’ll match your initial deposit by 100%, up to $1,000, and we’ll do it three times – all you have to do to claim your bonus cash is play the games at Bovada Casino- what great odds! Check out our Promotions page for more information, and don’t forget to collect all of the other money bonuses we have on tap. We’ll see you at our in-house casino games- best of luck.

Let Em Ride

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