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Specialty Games at Bovada

Most people who play casino games online stick to staples like slots games and blackjack games, missing the opportunity to branch out into specialty games like keno. These darlings of the casino world have their own following with people who enjoy variety and easy game play. At Bovada's online casino, specialty games include online bingo, themed scratch cards, different versions of Keno and a casino twist to the Japanese number-placement game, Sudoku. And it’s all available on laptop, PC, smartphone and tablet to play anywhere at anytime for real money.

If you haven’t experimented with online casino specialty games yet, this online casino guide is a good starting point for your next real money venture. In it, we explain how all of our specialty games work online and provide a list of the most popular ones to give you an idea of where to start and what strategy to use, that isn't slots, like keno. Once you determine the best online casino specialty games for you, we have more online specialty games guides that delve deeper into each game, covering things like strategic game selection and rule play variations. Online specialty games may be luck-based, but there’s still lots to learn to ensure you’re getting the best casino game play experience online possible.  


Types of Specialty Games You Can Play

Online casino specialty games can be categorized in the following three ways: lottery-style games, scratch cards, and “other.” Lottery-style specialty games provide players with a selection of numbers pulled from a pool, and from that pool, winning numbers are drawn. Bingo and Keno are classic examples of lotto games in our Specialty Section at our online casino.

Scratch games come in eight different flavors in our casino. Choose the theme that resonates with you and then scratch away the surface to reveal game icons beneath. Three matches are all it takes to trigger a real money payout with most of our scratch cards.

Sudoku doesn’t fit into the lottery-style category nor is it a scratch card, so it has its own category. This game plays more like a slot, but has the essence of the Japanese puzzle game that inspires it. Every round of Sudoku shuffles up the numbers and spits out a random assortment on a 3X3 grid. 

Our Players’ Top Specialty Games

Bingo gets the most action in our Specialty Games section, and it’s no wonder why. Game play is easy, most people already know how to play online bingo, and you can win some pretty big jackpots. Keno is also popular, especially with people who like to pick their own lucky numbers in lotto-style games. With our online version of Keno, you can even save your favorite numbers for quick access in all your rounds. 

Although Sudoku is less known as a casino game, it has a big following because of the loyalty to the original game. Only our version comes with real money jackpots when one gets that elusive 1 to 9 lined up in perfect order.

Bingo Overview

You may already be familiar with bingo from playing in bingo halls, but when you move to online bingo in casinos, the game undergoes a metamorphosis. Sure, you can stick to the traditional style, but you can also play themed casino games that come with Extra Balls features and progressive jackpots. It’s your choice at Bovada casino which of the many games you play.

Regardless of which type of bingo you want to play, the premise is the same: buy a bingo card (or multiple), which contain a random assortment of numbers pulled from the game’s pool of numbers. Then sit back and watch the winning numbers drop in the form of bingo balls. If you get enough matches to form a winning line, you win real money at Bovada's casino.

Once you get into specific casino bingo variations, there are additional rules and bonuses that aren’t universal in all casinos. We’ll cover these as we discuss our different casino games of online bingo.


30-Ball Bingo has a pool of 30 numbers from which the 3X3 bingo tiles pull their nine numbers. Choose if you want 20, 22, or 24 balls drawn during these casino games. Choosing 24 has the best win probability but lowest payout. The game comes with a soundtrack that’ll make you feel like you’re playing in a busy bingo hall.    


80-Ball casino Bingo has a pool of 80 numbers from which the 4X4 bingo cards pull their 16 numbers. Choose if you want 35, 45, or 55 balls drawn. 35 balls has the highest payouts but lowest win probability. To win, you need the coverall, frame, X, double bingo, single line, diagonal line or four corners.  

American Bingo

American Bingo combines numbers and letters and has a free spot on the 5X5 Bingo card in the center in Bovada's online casino. 35, 45, or 55 numbers are drawn from a pool of 75, and each number is preceded by a letter. There are seven ways to win a payout.

European Bingo

In Europe, bingo cards have 3X9 grids. Each of the three rows contains five numbers, and four spaces are left blank as freebies. Choose between drawing 45, 55 or 65 bingo balls as you attempt to cover the entire card or one or two rows for payouts.

South American Themed Bingo

Go on an exotic trek to the Amazon, see waterfalls in cloud forests, check out a remote fishing village, visit a tribe of bingo experts, and cheer on your home team in a soccer match without leaving the comfort of home. It’s all possible with our themed bingo games. These are the only games to offer Extra Balls features, bonus rounds, “Change Cards” options and progressive jackpots.  

Go-Go Bingo

Mobile-optimized, Go-Go Bingo works well on small screens, making it ideal to play on the go. This is the most customizable bingo in our casino; you can choose your screen color, and use toggles for sound and music to create the bingo experience you want.

Play Specialty Games for Real Money Online

Understanding Keno

Keno is similar to bingo in Bovada's casino, in that you have a set of numbers pulled from a larger pool, but unlike bingo, you choose your own numbers in Keno. Select up to 15 numbers at the start of the round, and then you’ll be brought to a screen with all 80 Keno numbers displayed. Out of those 80 numbers, your selections are highlighted, and one by one, the 20 winning numbers are highlighted in a different color. To win, you must get the minimum number of hits outlined in the real money paytable that appears beside the game screen. 

Sudoku Overview

Sudoku is ideal for people looking for something a little different from what they’re used to playing. This game combines the basic elements of the Japanese number game with slot technology. To start a round, play “Spin” and a random assortment of numbers (1 to 9) will land on the 3X3 grid. 

Like slots, Sudoku real money payouts are awarded for landing three or more matching numbers. Jackpots, on the other hand, are awarded for landing non-repeating numbers 1 to 9. To be eligible for the real money jackpots, you must wager 5 coins per round, which costs between $0.05 and $10, as coin denominations include: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $2.  

Other Specialty Games

Beyond Bingo, Keno and Sudoku, we have a wide variety of virtual scratch cards that are just as easy as the physical ones to play for real money at Bovada casino. Simply buy a card for however much you want (coin denominations range from $0.01 to $100) by adjusting the — and + signs below the coin symbol, then click “New Card” to start the action. You can either scratch the surface of the card by dragging your cursor over it, or use the “Reveal” button for a quick unveiling. Depending on the card you get, either multipliers or game icons will be revealed beneath the scratched surface. To win, you need at least three matches. 

Scratch cards are best played online, as the capacity for engaging themes is limitless. With our eight cards, you can witness a Wild West shootout, hit a Penguin Payday, inspect a pirate’s treasure map, bum around on a beach and more. Each card includes moving animations that bring the theme to life as you play at Bovada casino. 

If you’re interested in testing out our specialty games, they’re all available in both free Practice Play and Real Play mode. After testing the casino waters, you should know if you’re more of a lottery-style games casino player, or scratch card games player. Whichever side you end up on, there’s enough selection to keep you entertained throughout your brand-new specialty games journey. Jump on into Bovada casino to find all the cool games one can play besides slots. 

For all the latest casino articles, be sure to check out the Bovada Casino Online Blog. Here, you will find a variety of articles covering the latest strategies, promotions and casino games reviews! Whatever you may be looking for, you can be sure to find it.

Specialty Games at Bovada

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