Props have always been a part of NFL history. It was fantasy football before fantasy football took over your life come September. Props in  the 2019-2020 seaosn allow you to bet on how many yards Tom Brady will throw in a game. How many touchdowns will Patrick Mahomes have, how many rushing yards will Todd Gurley grind out. If you know what individuals on each team will do, put your GM brain to the test with prop betting this all the way to Super Bowl 54.

Way back in Super Bowl XX, William “The Refrigerator” Perry was the talk of the sports world. He was a ridiculously big defensive lineman for his time at 350 pounds, and every once in a while, the Chicago Bears would use the rookie as a fullback in goal-line situations. After Perry rushed for a pair of touchdowns during the regular season, the first-ever Super Bowl prop went on the board: Will Perry score a touchdown against the New England Patriots?

It was an amazingly popular bet. Perry was available as high as 75-1, but by kick-off, he was down to 2-1, and Perry did indeed score in the third quarter, and the Bears (–10) went on to win 46-10. Thanks to Perry, we now have NFL props available on every single game: preseason, regular season and postseason. They’re a lot of fun, they’re easy to bet, and you can find a bargain if you know where to look.

Gotta Have My Props

Unlike other bet types, a prop bet (short for “proposition bet”) asks you to wager on something other than the outcome of a game or match. It could be something directly related to the game, like that historic Super Bowl XX prop. Or, the prop could have nothing to do with the game itself, like the annual How long it will take to sing the National Anthem? Super Bowl prop.

You’ll find these bets on the NFL props market at Bovada Sportsbook. Some fall under NFL team props, while others can be found under NFL player props. You can bet on single-game props, or props that cover the entire season, like which quarterback will throw the most passing yards.

In general, NFL wagers carry the most betting value when they stick with football-related matters. Almost all the props available for single games will do just that, but once the Super Bowl rolls around, the NFL props market explodes with all sorts of exotic bets. You can still make a sharp pick by finding the right angles, like taking the ‘Over’ in the National Anthem prop when the singer has a strong pair of lungs and a flair for the dramatic. Otherwise, look for the props that contain the most football, and bet accordingly.

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