The Big Game just keeps getting bigger. Last year, Super Bowl 51 blew away the old records for NFL betting handle, and this Sunday’s matchup (6:30 PM ET, NBC) between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots is expected to generate even more action. Learn all the different ways you can bet on Super Bowl 52 at Bovada.

Point Spread

The spread remains the most popular way to bet on the NFL. It’s a margin of victory that the favorite must win by, or that the underdog can lose by – in order for bets to pay out. The Patriots are 4.5-point favorites on the Super Bowl 52 odds board at press time; that means they have to win by at least five points to pay out at almost even money. The Eagles can lose by up to four points and still cover the spread.

Buying Points

Want a little insurance for your bet against the point spread? Consider shifting the spread to lower risk by buying points. If you’re betting on Philadelphia, you can lower your risk by bumping the spread up from 4.5 to 5 points; that way, if the Eagles lose by exactly 5, it’ll be a push (all monies returned) instead of a loss. If you’re betting on New England, you could lower the spread from 4.5 to 4 points, giving you a push instead of a loss if they win by exactly four.


If you’d rather bet on somebody to win Super Bowl 52 straight-up, use the moneyline. New England is available at –175, while Philadelphia is priced at +155. That means for every $175 (or fraction thereof) you bet on the defending champs, you’ll win $100 if they win, while every $100 you bet on the Eagles will earn you $155 if they pull off the upset.


This is a bet on whether the combined final score at the Big Game will go Over or Under a certain number of points – in this case, the total for the Super Bowl is 48.5 points is at press time.


A parlay is a series of linked bets, all of which must win in order for it to pay out. One option for a Super Bowl parlay is to link the total with either the spread or the moneyline. This is a solid way to bet the Super Bowl. The Under-underdog parlay was the right choice in four of the last 10 games, paying out at over 2.6-to-1 each time.


Proposition bets are bets on things other than the outcome of the game. These bets have taken over the Super Bowl betting landscape. At press time, there are over 200 different Super Bowl props available at Bovada, including the famous National Anthem prop, where the total on Pink’s performance of The Star-Spangled Banner has been set at two minutes (Over –165).

Live Betting

What’s more fun than betting on the Super Bowl? Try live betting during the Super Bowl. With Bovada’s live betting feature, you can bet on the outcome of every single play. Just click on the LIVE button next to the Super Bowl odds, and the Bovada Live page will open in a separate browser window, showing you all your live betting options for Super Bowl 52. It’s everything you need for the Big Game – except the chips and dip.


*Odds as of January 31, 2018