The Super Bowl isn’t just the No. 1 sporting event of the year for the NFL Season – it’s the biggest thing on television, period. Of the Top 20-ranked broadcasts of all-time in the United States, 19 are Super Bowls – the 1983 finale of M*A*S*H is the only exception. And the numbers keep going up; the top seven spots belong to the last seven Super Bowls, each topping the 100-million mark in viewers.

With so many people watching the Super Bowl, the number of ways you can bet on the Big Game keeps growing, too. There are literally hundreds of different bets available for Super Bowl 51. Here’s a look at the types of bets on the board for Sunday’s matchup between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

Single Wager

These are the most common ways to bet on the Super Bowl. The point spread should be familiar to just about everyone; the Patriots are 3-point favorites at press time, meaning they have to win by more than a field goal to pay out.

The Pats are also –145 on the moneyline, so you can bet $145 to win $100 on a New England victory without worrying about the added three points. The payout structure for the underdog is a little different; Atlanta is +125 on the moneyline, meaning you win $125 for betting $100. The underdog payout is more enticing since it’s a less likely result.

Finally, there’s the total of 59.5 points, where you bet on the combined score for both teams finishing over or under that amount. As we go to press, the over is available at –105 and the under is slightly favored at –115.


A parlay is when you take two or more single bets (up to 12 at Bovada) and link them together. For example, you can parlay Atlanta +3 and under 59.5; if both outcomes happen, your payout is multiplied, but if either misses the mark, the parlay loses.


If you want a parlay with less risk, the teaser allows you to adjust the point spreads and/or totals by a certain amount, in exchange for a lower payout. For football, you can adjust by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. How about Atlanta +10 and under 66.5?


Super Bowl props have exploded since they first started doing business at Super Bowl XX. This is where you can bet on things like the coin toss, how many touchdown passes Tom Brady will throw, and what song Lady Gaga will sing first at halftime.

Live Betting

To make the Super Bowl even more interactive, you can bet on the outcome of each upcoming play just before it happens. Look for the LIVE button next to the Big Game at Bovada Sports once the broadcast starts. FOX has the coverage this Sunday beginning at 6:30 PM ET. 


*Odds as of January 31, 2017