How to Bet on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin

The Super Bowl is the biggest game there is on the sports betting calendar. Billions of dollars will be wagered worldwide on the NFL’s annual title game, and most of that betting will take place online. If you want the very best Super Bowl betting experience at Bovada Sportsbook, bitcoin is your best bet. We’ll show you how to bet on Super Bowl 54 using cryptocurrency at Bovada – and we’ll take a closer look at all of the different wagers you’ll find on the Super Bowl odds board, from the basic point spread to the more exotic NFL props and specials.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented in 2008 and launched the following year. Instead of using a central bank, bitcoin is exchanged on an open-source peer-to-peer network, and every transaction is entered on a public ledger called the blockchain. You can make these transactions using a cryptocurrency wallet, which stores your credentials and gives sellers access to your bitcoin. Every transaction generates two cryptographic keys – one public and one private.

How to Deposit with Bitcoin

It’s easy to make deposits with bitcoin (and Bitcoin Cash) at Bovada Sportsbook. First, if you haven’t already, sign up for your free account at Bovada, then select “Bitcoin” as your preferred deposit method. When you make your deposit, a bitcoin address will be generated. You can then click the button that launches your cryptocurrency wallet, or, if you’re using a wallet app on your mobile device, you can scan the QR Code instead.

Because bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, it should only take a moment or two for your deposit to show up in your Bovada account. In rare cases, network congestion may force you to wait up to 15 minutes. Bovada doesn’t charge any fees for using bitcoin, but there may be some network fees attached depending on which exchange you get your wallet from. These fees are considerably less than what you’ll be charged when using a credit card – and your bitcoin transactions are 100% guaranteed to go through without restrictions.

Use Bitcoin Bonuses for the Super Bowl

Since Bitcoin is relatively hassle-free for everyone involved, we’re upping our usual first-time deposit bonus here at Bovada Sportsbook by 25%, giving Bitcoin users even more free cash to use betting on the Big Game. You can find out more about the $750 Bitcoin Sports Bonus – and all the other bonuses available at Bovada – by tapping or clicking here. If you’re new to sports betting, this bonus cash will give your bankroll a boost while you’re learning how to bet on the Super Bowl like the pros do.

On that note, here’s a quick peek at all of the different ways you can bet on Super Bowl 54 at Bovada Sportsbook. You’ll find many more options here online than you will with the Super Bowl Vegas odds, including real-time live betting while the Big Game is in progress. But first, here are the three “straight” or “single” bets that form the backbone of NFL betting:

Super Bowl Spread, Moneyline, Total

It’s almost impossible to talk about football without mentioning the point spread. Introduced by Charles K. McNeil in the 1940s, the spread quickly became the most popular way to bet on the NFL. Instead of betting on the favorite or the underdog to win the game straight up – which you can still do using the moneyline odds – you bet on someone to cover the spread; the favorite has to win by at least a certain number of points, while the underdog can lose by less than that number and still pay out.

The first Super Bowl total wasn’t introduced until 1968, but it’s as commonplace today as the spread, and works much the same way. You can bet on the final score for both teams adding up to Over or Under a certain number of points, which is why the total is also known as the over/under. You’ll find the total alongside the spread and moneyline odds for upcoming games when you visit the main NFL betting page at Bovada.

Super Bowl Buying Points

Any time you place a spread or total bet at Bovada, you have the option of hedging your bet by “buying” a half-point, one, or even 1.5 points. For example, if your chosen team is a 3-point favorite, you can bet on them instead at –2.5, –2 or –1.5. On the flip side, if you prefer the underdog, you can bet them at +3.5, +4 or +4.5. It’s the same process when you bet Over or Under the posted total.

Super Bowl Props (Team, Player, Season)

It’s amazing how far NFL prop bets (short for “proposition” bets) have come since they were first introduced at Super Bowl XX in 1986. Prop bets allow you to wager on things other than the outcome of the game itself – like the first Super Bowl prop, which asked whether William “The Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown for the Chicago Bears (he did). That’s an example of a player prop. Team props will involve an entire team rather than a specific player, while a season prop will involve the entire season rather than just the Big Game itself.

Super Bowl Specials

Some prop bets don’t fall neatly into team, player and season buckets. Consider the famous Coin Toss prop: Will the opening coin toss at the Super Bowl land Heads or Tails? This prop bet, and others like them (the National Anthem prop, the Gatorade Shower prop, etc.), can be found on the Super Bowl Specials menu.

Super Bowl Futures

You never have to wait to bet on the Big Game when you bet at Bovada Sportsbook. Odds to win the Super Bowl are available all year round – even before the Vince Lombardi Trophy gets hoisted, the odds for the next Super Bowl will be posted on the NFL futures market. Every team in the league will be represented at first; then, as teams are eliminated from the hunt, they’ll be taken off the board, until only the Super Bowl moneyline remains.

Super Bowl Live Betting

This is the hottest thing in sports betting today. Now that most people have gone mobile with Bovada, in-game betting has gone nuclear, giving you so many more ways to bet on the Super Bowl. The spread, moneyline and total odds for the game in progress are refreshed in real time; you can also make prop bets on what will happen during the next play, like whether it will be a run or a pass. Check out the Live Betting page at Bovada to see what’s on the menu right now.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

There are two reasons to bet on the Super Bowl: to have fun, and to make some money. The first reason is by far the most important – in fact, it should be non-negotiable. Almost all the bets that are placed on Super Bowl Sunday are done primarily for entertainment, as a way of adding some spice to the Big Game. This is why Super Bowl props have become so big. It’s pretty common now to make a list of several dozen props and check them off as the game goes on.

You can also try to make the sharpest bets possible to increase your chance of pulling in some of that sweet, sweet cash. That’s fine, too, but any profit you make should be on top of the entertainment value you already get from betting on the Super Bowl.

Having said that, a little bankroll management will help you get the most out of your sports betting experience, no matter what brings you to the table here at Bovada. The big takeaway is this: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your portfolio by placing several small bets instead of one big bet. To help you achieve this, consider breaking down your bankroll into 100 units, and bet one unit at a time. The more correct picks you make, the larger your roll will get, and in turn, you’ll be able to make larger bets. Or if you hit a rough patch and your roll gets smaller, so will your bets – which will protect your bottom line.

You’ll find even more about betting on the Super Bowl and sports in general by visiting our must-see archive here at Bovada Sportsbook. Enjoy the Big Game, and may all your picks come in.