The 2019-2020 NFL season is underway that means tons of bets on NFL Sunday. And when you want the most bang for your buck on NFL Sundays, parlays are where the action is.

Winning one bet is fun. Winning multiple bets is even more fun – especially if you parlayed them together. These bets involve linking together two or more single bets for a bigger payout than you’d get from the individual bets. The only thing is, you have to win all the bets in your parlay to get a payout. Parlays have become a staple of NFL betting over the years, promising big payouts if you manage to get all your picks right. Think you can nail 12 NFL wagers all at once? If you bet $10 on this parlay and all 12 picks come true, you’ll get over $23,000 in return.

All this money makes the parlay one of the most popular bet types in football. But you don’t have to go for the big payday; it only takes two “teams” to make a parlay that will pay out $26.45 for every $10 you bet on standard –110 lines. Those two-team parlays will come in a lot more often than the 12-team combos. There’s even a special trick that will help you get the most betting value out of your NFL parlays.

Desire Lines

Before we get to that, the reason “teams” is in quotes above is because you don’t have to bet on a team to make a parlay. You can use totals, futures and certain props when you put together these combo bets, as well as point spreads and moneylines. Simply add anywhere between 2 and 12 lines to your Bet Slip, choose “Parlay” to combine them, and enter the size of your bet. The software will calculate your potential payout for you.

Now the trick: You can parlay the point spread and the total (or the moneyline and total) from the same NFL game. There’s a subtle relationship between those two lines. In low-scoring games, it’s harder for the favorite to cover a big spread than it is during high-scoring games. You might find some situations where parlaying the underdog and the Under makes sense, or maybe the favorite and the Over.

There are a few extra rules when it comes to making parlays, so be sure to check out our Help section at Bovada for more information on these rules and the different payouts for each successful parlay size. The more you understand, the better your chances of success. Happy hunting.


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