Poker just might be the greatest game ever invented – but it’s even better when you play at Bovada Poker. Not only do you get to play online poker for real money, you can also collect thousands of dollars in free bonus cash while you’re at the tables. These bonuses are especially important when you’re a new player; the additional money will help you keep your bankroll afloat while you’re learning the rules and strategies.

If you’re going to play online poker for the first time, or even if you’re familiar with the Beautiful Game, you can maximize your bonus cash by using Bitcoin to do business. We’ll show you how to deposit and play now at Bovada Poker using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV, and how to collect those valuable bonuses. We’ll also give you some simple strategy tips for how to play poker like a boss, so you can build that bankroll and put that hard-earned money in your pocket.


How to Deposit With Bitcoin and Play Poker Online

Bovada Poker was one of the first rooms where you could play online poker using cryptocurrency, and it’s proven to be both the easiest and smartest way to put money into your Bovada account. You don’t need to be a financial wizard or drive a Lamborghini to use Bitcoin; just download a digital wallet, preferably to your smartphone or tablet, and sign up for an account at a registered cryptocurrency exchange. These tools will let you move funds back and forth between your Bovada account and bank account with much smaller fees than you’d have to pay using credit cards or other deposit methods.

What’s that? You haven’t signed up for your free Bovada account yet? It only takes a few minutes to fill out our form, and once you’ve been approved, you can either download our industry-leading poker client to your desktop, or log in and play on your mobile device using our web app. Try some Play Money games first, then select Bitcoin as your deposit method when you’re ready to play poker for real money.


How Bovada Poker Bonuses Work

This is where the bonus money starts rolling in. When you make your first deposit at Bovada Poker, make sure to select the right bonus package from the drop-down menu. All new players are automatically enrolled for our 100% Poker Welcome Bonus, where we’ll match you first deposit dollar-for-dollar, giving you up to $500 in free bonus money. But there are other bonuses you can claim if you’re also going to play at Bovada Casino or Bovada Sportsbook, and those bonuses get even bigger when you use Bitcoin to make your deposit.

Once your first deposit is accepted (which should happen almost instantly when you use Bitcoin) you’ll have 30 days to collect your welcome bonus by playing poker – the more you play, the more bonus levels you’ll complete, and the more money you’ll earn. You only need 15 “Poker Points” to clear the first bonus level and collect a quick $5; you can do this by entering about $50 worth of tournaments, or playing a $0.50/$1 cash game for about five hours. Then you’ll earn another $20 once you reach 85 Poker Points, another $25 at 185 Poker Points, and so on, until you’ve cleared the full amount. Keep earning Poker Points for even more bonuses and prizes down the road.


Best Online Poker Strategies

When it comes to collecting all that bonus money, the most efficient way to “put in volume” is to play Zone Poker. This fast-fold variant allows you to play about three times as many hands per hour as a standard cash game, which will allow you to clear your bonus levels more quickly. You can even play two Zone Poker tables at the same time, and add another two regular cash tables on top of that. If you prefer tournament poker, as many new players do, you can play up to 15 tournament tables at once.

Multi-tabling takes a little getting used to, so if you’re brand-new to poker, start with one table and work your way up once you get comfortable. You’ll also clear your bonus levels more quickly by playing higher stakes, but again, you should start at the bottom with $0.02/$0.05 games and work your way up the ladder if you’re a rookie. Once you’ve built a solid strategy at the microstakes, you can move up and add more tables, one step at a time.

Speaking of which, a simplified poker strategy will give you a lot more reward for a lot less risk when you’re just starting out. Don’t try to win all the money on the table all the time; be willing to fold in marginal situations, or if you’re simply not sure what to do in any given hand. This is even more important when you’re multi-tabling, and you have to make lots of decisions in a short amount of time. Save those high-variance expert strategies for when you’ve had more experience – focus on minimizing mistakes for now, and let that extra bonus money keep you in the game.

Online poker should always be played for fun first and foremost, but it’s also nice to bank some of that money along the way. Always keep enough funds in your Bovada Poker account to play your desired stakes; if you’ve built up even more money than that, Bitcoin is once again your best choice for making withdrawals. It’s the same process as making deposits with Bitcoin, but this time, you’ll use your digital wallet to Receive the funds from your Bovada account and the crypto exchange to convert the BTC to USD and move the funds to your bank account.

How to Withdraw NFL Wins with Bitcoin

To find out more about using Bitcoin at Bovada Poker, and the other bonuses you can collect while you’re playing, make sure to consult our FAQ and Help guides. We also have a treasure trove of strategy articles for every level of poker player, from beginner to expert, so you can keep improving and play with confidence at Bovada. We look forward to seeing you on the felt.