How To Earn Points

Convert your Reward Points into tickets to top tournaments and land yourself big money without forking over the fees.

Win or lose, you’re earning free online poker bonuses.

Buy in. Bet. Play. You’re always earning points that turn into Tournament Tickets.

Earning Points House Rules

  • Ring Games: Earn 15 Rewards Points for every $1 in rake collected.
  • Tournaments: Get 15 Rewards Points for every $1 spent on tournament entry fees. For example, get 75 Rewards Points for entering a tournament with a $50 buy-in and a $5 fee.
  • Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments: You earn 1.5 Rewards Points for every $1 Jackpot Sit & Go buy-in. For example, if you enter a Jackpot Sit & Go with $30 buy-in, you will earn 45 Rewards Points.

Terms and Conditions: Following 18 months of poker, casino and sportsbook inactivity, all Rewards Points will be removed from the player's account permanently.