Super Bowl 55 Specials Betting

The first official Super Bowl prop (short for “proposition bet”) dates back to 1986 at Super Bowl XX, when bettors were asked if William “The Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown for the Chicago Bears – which he did. That was the first raindrop in what would become a perfect storm for NFL betting. Today, there are hundreds of Super Bowl 55 betting props waiting for you at Bovada Sportsbook.

Some of these props are more bizarre than others. Betting isn’t limited to the Big Game itself; aside from the relatively standard player, team and game props, there’s a whole section devoted to “Super Bowl Specials,” and in recent years, these have become the most popular Super Bowl props on the menu. Let’s take a closer look at what Bovada has in store f, starting with the three most interesting Super Bowl 55 betting specials on the board:

Most Interesting Super Bowl Specials

National Anthem Props

Aside from the Coin Flip prop (interesting, but pretty straightforward), the National Anthem prop has to be the signature special on the Super Bowl 2021 betting odds list. Every year, a celebrity is chosen/pays to sing the first stanza of The Star-Spangled Banner; bettors are asked whether the performance will take Over or Under the posted time to complete. This year’s celebrity is Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church, and their has been set at one minte and 59 seconds, with the Over priced at +105 and the Under at -145 as we go to press.

Halftime Show Props

Speaking of celebrity singers, The Weeknd will be providing this year’s halftime entertainment. Again, you can bet on what the performers will be wearing. The over/under on wardrobe changes for The Weekend is 0.5, with the Over at –400 and the Under at a +250 underdog. Potential cameos include: Ariana Grande (+250 Yes, -400 No), Bella Hadid (+600 Yes, No -400), Doja Cat (+325 Yes, -550 No), Drake (+350 Yes, -600 No), and even Kenny G (+275 Yes, -450 No).

Weirdest Super Bowl Specials

Puppy Bowl XVI Props

Of all the counter-programming done while the Big Game is on, Animal Planet always has the best in show with the annual Puppy Bowl. It’s a pre-taped and edited-down “football game” played by puppies selected from animal shelters, and it has to be the craziest thing on the Super Bowl LV betting odds list. Team Fluff are EVEN vs. Team Ruff at -140; the Puppy Bowl MVP is –130 to be male and -110 to be female.

Bitcoin Prop

As always, you can bet on whether the stock market (the S&P 500 index in this case) will be up or down alongside either team winning the Big Game, but this is 2021, so you can now bet as well on whether the price of Bitcoin will be up or down – regardless of which team prevails. Cryptocurrency is getting hot again, so the price going up between kick-off and the final gun is favored at –140.

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