Super Bowl 54 Props Betting

People gotta have their props – Super Bowl props, that is. Proposition bets now account for more than half the handle on the Big Game, up from maybe 30% about a decade ago, and that’s because there are so many different ways you can bet on NFL props, compared to just a handful for the familiar straight bets (point spread, moneyline and total). Filling out that Super Bowl prop sheet has become a tradition all of its own, just like filling out your March Madness bracket every spring.

Speaking of which, it’s time to get those pencils ready because the Super Bowl LIV betting odds at Bovada Sportsbook are already overflowing with dozens – soon to become hundreds – of different props for you to choose from. Many of these will fall under the “Super Bowl Special” category, like the famous Coin Toss and National Anthem props; those deserve their own preview. For now, here’s a closer look at five of the most compelling player/team props on the NFL odds board at Bovada.

Top Five Most Interesting Player/Team Props for Super Bowl 54

  1. Super Bowl MVP

    This award is decided by a panel of 16 writers and broadcasters, representing 80% of the vote, with the other 20% going to fans voting electronically. Unlike other leagues, the media has to choose a player from the winning team as their final pick. Quarterbacks tend to take this award, winning 29 out of 53 times; Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes is the +110 favorite on the Super Bowl 54 betting props list at press time, followed by San Francisco QB Jimmy Garoppolo at +290. The next three players are all Niners: RB Raheem Mostert (+450), DE Nick Bosa (+900), and TE George Kittle (+1000).

  2. Total Defense and Special Teams Touchdowns

    Quarterbacks aren’t the only players who can put points on the board. There’s nothing more exciting at the Big Game than a trick play or a big return for a touchdown; Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison romping 100 yards to paydirt at the 2008 Super Bowl was one of the greatest moments in league history – unless you’re Kurt Warner or anyone associated with the Arizona Cardinals. This prop is available for each team on the Super Bowl 2020 betting odds board; the Chiefs and Niners each face an over/under of 1.5 touchdowns, with the Over priced at +900 and the Under at –3500.

  3. First Touchdown Scorer

    There are two different flavors for this Super Bowl prop: Player and Team. The Player version gives you a list of about two dozen candidates, with Kansas City RB Damien Williams the favorite at +500 as we go to press. The Team version breaks the prop down into two lists, one for each team. Naturally, Williams remains the favorite among the Chiefs at +250, while Mostert is the Niners’ favorite at +300. Everyone loves touchdowns, but if you want to be contrarian, you can bet on “No TD scored” at +10000 for the Player version of this prop. It almost happened for the first time last year when the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

  4. Total Points O/U

    Super Bowl 54 figures to be a high-scoring affair; there’s a 54.5-point total on the NFL odds board at Bovada, up from 53 at the open. You can also bet on the individual score for each team, and with Kansas City pegged as 1.5-point favorites, it’s no surprise they have a slightly higher over/under at 27.5 points, with the Over priced at –130. San Francisco finds themselves just one point behind at 26.5, also with the Over at –130. Does the Niners’ defense have what it takes to stop Mahomes? Is Garoppolo good enough to take advantage of the relatively soft Chiefs defense?

  5. Total Points – Odd or Even

    This is one of the more clever Super Bowl props, and it’ll test both your football and your math/logic skills. You can bet on whether the final point tally for the Chiefs, or the Niners, will be an odd or even number. Odd is the slight favorite at –120, with Even close behind at –110. Touchdowns with a PAT are worth seven points, and field goals are worth three, so Odd may be the right choice. Then again, there should be multiple scores in this particular matchup, and two odd numbers always add up to an even number. Choose wisely, and keep hitting that Refresh button for the latest Super Bowl props and odds at Bovada Sportsbook.