Virtual Sports to Enjoy During the Super Bowl

Sports bettors do not live by football alone. Super Bowl LV will be the biggest single-day event in all of sports, coming up on Sunday, February 7. Millions of people will be glued to their television sets, as well as the NFL lines at Bovada Sportsbook. It’s going to be a great day of gorging on football, but you’re going to need a palate cleanser from time to time – which is where virtual betting comes in.

You don’t have to wait for Super Bowl Sunday, of course. Play virtual sports now at Bovada, and you’ll see why betting on these simulated games has become so popular. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to as we get ready for the Big Game in Tampa, Florida.

Virtual Sports: A Fast and Fun Way to Play


Video games based on sports have become incredibly lifelike in recent years – the graphics and sound are very close to what you’d experience watching a game on television. The same technology is used to create simulated games that you can bet on. For basketball and soccer, highlight packages are provided for each match, and for racing (supercars, horses, greyhounds and camels), you can watch the entire event play out from start to finish. New games and races are shown every few minutes throughout the day.

Note that the virtual sports at Bovada are shown using Flash animation, so you’ll need to use a browser that still supports Flash Player – check your settings to make sure you can load these games. You may need to re-enable Flash, switch browsers, or download and install a plug-in. 

Try Virtual Basketball League

Virtual basketball betting got a shot in the arm in early 2020 when the NBA, NCAA and other organizations had to pause or cancel their seasons because of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the simulated American Basketball League stayed strong, with 16 teams representing 16 NBA cities across the United States – including Oakland, the former home of the Golden State Warriors.

If you haven’t had the chance to try these games yet, you’re missing out. These 16 teams play out season after season; you can view the standings in progress and other important information by tapping or clicking on the Statistics menu. Upcoming weekly schedules are also provided, so you can plan out your bets in advance, and you can also look at previous scores by opening the Results menu.

To see the full list of bets available for each game, tap/click the “Show All Bets” hamburger icon for the contest in question. Moneyline odds are available for each of the two teams, or you can bet on the half-time winner – which also allows you to bet on the two teams being tied after 24 simulated minutes. Winning margins at full-time and half-time are on the menu, as well as two different totals and single-team totals, too.

Try Virtual Soccer

The Beautiful Game is the most popular sport outside of North America, so if you’re in the mood for a different type of football during the Super Bowl, give virtual soccer betting a try. There are two ways to play at Bovada: Tap/click Soccer on the menu to the left of your display for international matches between teams from across the globe, and Soccer League for the simulated English League, which stands in for the real-life English Premiership.

With all of the different ways you can bet on virtual soccer, you’ll never run out of options. In addition to the standard 1X2 moneylines (which include the draw), you can bet on Asian handicaps, Correct Score, and a wide range of totals. Each highlight package takes only a minute or two to complete, so they’re a perfect way to take a break between quarters of the Big Game.

Try Virtual Horses

Horse racing is the granddaddy of all virtual sports – these simulated events have been available at OTBs and racinos for decades, and now you can bet on them at Bovada, either at home or on the go using your mobile device. These are thoroughbred races, with either six or eight horses on the track; Win/Place/Show betting is front and center, but you can also bet on exactas and trifectas, as well as the Over/Under and Even/Odd for the post position number of the winning horse.

There’s more than just horse racing waiting for you on the Virtual Sports menu. Greyhound races featuring both computer-generated and real-life footage are on tap, as well as Supercars (stock cars, taking a few quick laps around the track) and the incredibly popular Camels, which simulate the camel races you’ll find in Western Asia. All the same betting options are on the table for these races as the ones you get with the thoroughbreds.

Lastly, if you just want to kick back during the Super Bowl and take your mind off sports for a moment, try a round of Color-Color, our virtual lottery game. Six balls numbered from 1 to 49 are drawn at random; match the numbers like you would in real life, or bet on things like how many Red balls will come down the virtual hopper. You can win 500,000X your bet if you pick six out of six balls correctly, so if you want to win life-changing money during the next ad break, Color-Color is the game for you.

For more information about all the Virtual Sports games at Bovada Sportsbook, check out our FAQ and Help guides, which go into greater detail. Then get ready for what should be one of the biggest Super Bowl games of all-time. Bovada will have hundreds of different ways to bet, so keep an eye on the NFL odds board as well as the Virtual Sports menu, and enjoy the show.