Improve Your Betting Odds with Bitcoin

The digital wallet is the introduction to Bitcoin—it’s the first step in your journey to simpler online transactions. So when choosing a wallet, it’s important to remember that the simpler it is, the better your first impression of cryptocurrencies will be. Fortunately for those who aren’t tech savvy, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Bitcoin wallets available for iOS and Android. We’ll also walk you through how to set up your wallet on your smartphone for quick and convenient access. By following the directions in this ongoing Bovada Bitcoin Guide, your first Bitcoin deposit is sure to be a positive experience. 

Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet for Online Casinos

Bitcoin wallets can be set up on your smartphone, desktop, or through the web, using a username and password. Installing one on your smartphone, however, is the best option of the three, as it strikes a good balance between convenience and security. Simply launch your phone’s app store to see many options for Bitcoin wallets; all can be downloaded with the click of a button. 

Once downloaded, you’ll need to set up your wallet by providing an email address and making up a password. Your email needs to be verified in order to create your account. A balance of $0.00 will appear on your wallet’s dashboard once set up. If you’re interested in seeing what this process looks like in real life, an instructional video on Creating a Wallet (with Blockchain) can be viewed in our Video Library.  

What is the Best Bitcoin Online Wallet to Use?

A good beginner wallet is easy to use and ideally includes an exchange too. The exchange is where you trade for Bitcoin and convert it to “fiat” currencies, so having this service incorporated into the same program as your wallet leads to a more streamlined experience. 

Coinbase is the top pick for a beginner wallet that includes an exchange, and Blockchain is the second-rated option; both are “online” wallets that rely on the internet for transactional capabilities. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, Coinbase and Blockchain are available free of charge through your phone’s app store and on Google Play. You could have no experience with cryptocurrency whatsoever and still figure out how to navigate these beginner-friendly wallets.

If you prefer to install your digital wallet onto your desktop or laptop, the top pick for a wallet is Electrum, which doesn’t include an exchange. This software wallet is a little more advanced than Coinbase and Blockchain, but is appealing in its own right as it offers a higher level of security. That being said, if you’re ever keeping large amounts of Bitcoin, say for investing purposes, nothing beats a hardware wallet, like Ledger Nano X, which costs approximately $120.  

Playing Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin to play online casino games leads to a much more rewarding experience than what’s possible with traditional currencies. For one, you get access to better promotions (think bigger match bonuses with higher limits). As you scroll through our Promotions page, you’ll notice that each promo has two versions: a standard version, and a Bitcoin version, with the latter offering better value. 

In addition to getting the best bonuses, Bitcoin leads to the fastest withdrawals in the industry. On the same day that your withdrawal is approved, you can expect to receive your payment in your digital wallet, at which point you can convert it to US dollars at an exchange. There’s no way to get cash-in-hand on the same day that your withdrawal is approved using our traditional withdrawal methods.

As for game selection, there’s no difference between our “Bitcoin Casino” and regular casino. All of our casino games are available for real money payouts when you deposit Bitcoin. Bitcoin funds deposits are automatically converted to USD, so there’s no need to try to keep track of how BTC converts to USD when looking at your balance and assessing wins. Your balance will stay that way until it’s time to withdraw. 

The Bitcoin online casinos wallet is the first step to transitioning over to Bitcoin. Once that’s up and running, you’ll want to move on to the second step, which is buying Bitcoin at a regulated exchange. Check out our article that covers this important step in detail, so that you can get the Bitcoin needed to make a deposit into your Bovada account. Feel free to beef up your learning by also watching the “Creating an Exchange Account” video, among many other helpful videos, in our comprehensive Video Library. Enjoy the transition to Bitcoin gambling, and may the bonus cash lead to big wins.