Crypto Casino at Bovada

Cryptocurrency has opened many possibilities in the financial world that were previously unthought of. Crypto transactions are much faster, cheaper, secure and more private, as compared to credit cards and other traditional payment methods.

At Bovada, we accept payments in all the major cryptocurrencies out there. So, if you are a crypto enthusiast from USA, look no further, and try out your luck at our crypto casino today!

How to start with crypto

Today, cryptocurrency works just like traditional currency in the market, with a growing number of businesses widely accepting it as a payment. If you are looking to purchase cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, you can buy it with fiat money from crypto exchanges. You’ll also need a crypto wallet to store the digital currency. Although some exchanges do offer a service to store crypto for their users, many prefer their own non-custodial wallet. Crypto transactions are untraceable as the blockchain technology runs on a network of computers, and the information is stored on a digital ledger using strong cryptography. The crypto technology is also not reliant on any one authoritative entity, such as banks, to verify transactions.

Wallets for crypto gambling

Crypto wallets are important tools for managing cryptocurrency. A good crypto wallet seamlessly allows users to buy, trade, or sell their cryptocurrencies without any hassles. There are many digital wallets to choose from; which one you should use depends on your needs and what you are looking for. You can connect any crypto wallet with our platform or any online website with bitcoin support. For gambling purposes specifically, you should opt for a mobile wallet, like Bitpay, MetaMask, Edge, Coinbase, or Exodus. These have a beginner-friendly user interface, meaning if you are a beginner, you’ll learn how to use them in no time.

Cryptocurrencies accepted at Bovada Casino

Our casino accepts all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can use the aforementioned digital currencies to wager money on our vast selection of casino games with no real limits. While each of these coins have their own pros and cons, they all have one thing in common: the transactions with them are incredibly fast. Which one of them you would rather use only depends on your preference. These currencies have a few minor differences that give them an advantage over each other, but they all serve the basic purpose of being a blockchain utility.


Bitcoin paved the way for the cryptocurrency industry as we know it today; it was the first digital coin to hit the market back in 2009. In the present, BTC is the biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. It’s also the most popular currency for making bets at our bitcoin casino.


Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin. The key difference between the two is that the ether network is programmable, which accomodates dApps, NFTs, and many other innovations. Also, the platform processes transactions much faster than Bitcoin. Bet with this digital currency at our Ethereum casino for an unrivalled gambling experience.


Tether Casino is mostly favored by those who invested in the currency for long-term benefits. As you might already know, the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, and that’s where tether comes in. The currency was made to stand its ground in the harsh winds of the market. What makes Tether so appealing to some investors is that it is backed by the US dollar.


The interest in cryptocurrency has surged in the past 5 years, many new currencies have come out as a result. Despite all the competition, Litecoin has defended its ground. It is described by its creator as a lite version of Bitcoin. Litecoin might have small market but it does really shine at our Litecoin casino.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the original Bitcoin. It was created to be more efficient than BTC, remaining as one of the most popular new cryptocurrencies in the world. Compared to BTC, its transactions are much cheaper and faster. So, if you have this digital asset in your wallet, wager it today at our Bitcoin Cash casino for big payouts.

Games to play with Crypto

With hundreds of online casino games available, there’s tons for you to enjoy at Bovada Casino. When you place a crypto deposit at Bovada, the funds are converted into USD, allowing you to go ahead and play any of the online casino games on our site.


Crypto Slots refers to the slot games that you can play with cryptocurrency. From standard slots, to Hot Drop Jackpots, to progressive slots, there are tons for you to choose from.


Bovada offers many variants of blackjack games for you to enjoy; whether you are looking for American blackjack or want to play European blackjack, the platform has it all. Crypto blackjack allows gamblers to make swift deposits and withdrawals with little to no hassle, providing them with a dynamic gaming experience.


There has never been a better time than today to enjoy crypto roulette games. On our online platform, you can try out various versions of this widely popular casino game. On top of that, the flexible betting amounts open doors for any type of budget player. You can further enhance your fun by playing with various cryptocurrencies.

Live dealer Casino

The live dealer crypto casino at Bovada is designed to give players an experience as close to the traditional brick-and-mortar establishments as possible. In the live casino, you can bet with crypto while viewingthe entire action live on the screen. You can also converse with the dealer as the game goes on.

Crypto as a payment method in Bovada online casino

Cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method at Bovada, in addition to all major credit and debit cards. However, crypto has a huge advantage over traditional payment methods; you can transfer funds much faster and at very low transaction costs compared to banks, allowing you deposit and withdraw money at the moment’s notice.

Crypto deposits

To deposit with crypto at Bovada, log into your account in a web browser and click on "Deposit." Here, you will need to select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit and copy our online casino address. Open your wallet, click send, select the same cryptocurrency you chose on our webpage, and paste our address there. After this, enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm.

Crypto withdrawals

To withdraw your winnings with crypto, click on withdraw once you have logged into your Bovada account. Now open your digital wallet, click on “receive," and select the cryptocurrency you want to receive from our online casino. Here, you’ll need to copy your wallet address. Once you have done that, head over to Bovada’s withdraw page in your web browser and select the same cryptocurrency you chose in your wallet. Here you will be provided fields to paste your wallet address. Do that, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and confirm the transaction.

Crypto Casino Bonus

Bovada offers a crypto welcome bonus of up to $3,750 to first-time depositors. The very first crypto deposit at our casino will get you a 125% match bonus of up to $1,250. On your second and third deposits, you will be eligible for another bonus of up to $1,250 on each transaction. Once you have redeemed our promotion codes, the funds will be added to your account instantly.


Can I play at an online casino with crypto?

You can play at Bovada’s online casino with crypto as your preferred payment method.

What crypto currencies are accepted at Bovada?

Bovada accepts all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and more.

What casino games can I play with crypto?

All casino games can be played with crypto at Bovada, there is really no limit.

How to deposit with crypto at Bovada Casino?

To deposit with crypto at Bovada Casino, copy our casino address and paste it in your digital wallet under send option. Then simply enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction.

How to withdraw with crypto Bovada Casino?

To withdraw your winnings from Bovada Casino, paste your digital wallet address on our site after selecting "Withdraw" and choosing your preferred currency. After that, simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm. Your digital wallet address is found under the "receive" option when you choose a cryptocurrency.

What crypto wallet to use for online casino?

You can use any crypto wallet of your choice at our online casino, some of the most popular choices for gambling are MetaMask, Bitpay, Egde, BRD and Coinbase.

Payment Methods


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