Everybody knows that online roulette is one of the most popular games at Bovada Casino. But is there such a thing as a winning online roulette strategy? If you want to be a winner in life, yes, there are several things you can do at the roulette table to get the most out of your sessions. We’ll take you through our top five tips to keep in mind for the next time you play roulette at Bovada.

Know Your Odds

The No. 1 rule before playing any online casino game is to know the odds – that is, your chances of winning. Slots, video poker and table games like roulette all come with a house edge attached, meaning the odds are slightly in favor of the house. With roulette, the house edge is different depending on what game you’re playing; for American Roulette, the edge is 5.26%, and for European Roulette, the edge is 2.70%.

The house edges are different for these games because they use different wheels. The American wheel has both a single-zero (“0”) and a double-zero (“00”), giving a total of 38 possible landing spaces for the roulette ball. The European wheel has just the single-zero for a total of 37 spaces. This means the odds of the ball landing on any one space are a little better for you in European Roulette.

There are lots of bets you can make in roulette, some rather fancy ones on the European wheel, but the odds all work out the same in each game, with one lone exception: The “Top Line” bet in American Roulette (0-00-1-2-3) has a house edge of 7.89%. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular bets in roulette and how the odds break down for each wheel:

Bet Payout Odds (European) Odds (American)
Odd/Even 1/1 19/18 10/9
Red/Black 1/1 19/18 10/9
High/Low 1/1 19/18 10/9
Column 2/1 25/12 13/6
Dozen 2/1 25/12 13/6
Corner 8/1 33/32 17/16
Split 17/1 35/34 18/1
Straight Up 35/1 36/1 37/1

Pick A Strategy

Because each roulette bet (except for Top Line) has the same expected return in the long run, there is no online roulette strategy that can guarantee you a profit. However, you can minimize the house edge by only playing European Roulette, although, if you like having the double-zero on the wheel then American Roulette is the game for you. You can even make that Top Line bet, but you might want to place smaller wagers as the house edge goes up.

In the meantime, you can use some of the following old-school roulette strategies as a fun way to try to extend your sessions – just remember that your long-term chances of winning will neither go up nor down:

Martingale: Double your even-money bet (e.g. Red/Black) every time you lose. Keep doubling until you win, then start again with your original bet size.

Reverse Martingale (aka Paroli): Keep your even-money bet small until you win, then double your bet. Keep doubling until you lose, then start again.

D’Alembert: Place an even-money bet of one unit. After each loss, subtract one unit; after each win, add one unit.

Try It for Free First

One of the best things about Bovada Casino is that you get to play online roulette for free whenever you want. By using the Practice mode, you can try out all the different roulette tables and get used to their layouts before playing real money games. We have both “Classic” and newer streamlined versions of American and European Roulette, each with its own settings options for graphics, audio and game play. We even have a completely new European Roulette game with a fresh look that we think you’ll enjoy.

While you’re giving these games a free test drive, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to try out some of those betting strategies mentioned above. Make yourself comfortable with all the controls, see which games and systems you like the most, then switch to real money mode and get those wheels in motion.

Opt for Outside Bets

As a general rule, you’ll be able to extend your roulette sessions the furthest by making the lowest-risk wagers at the table, specifically the even-money “outside” bets. They’re found on the outside portion of the table layout. Odd/Even, Red/Black and High/Low are also the basis for most betting systems, including the three we’ve mentioned earliers. The Column and Dozen bets are the next outside bets to consider, paying out at 2/1 instead of even money; use smaller bet sizes when you play these.

The “inside bets” in roulette are fun to make as well, especially when you place a Straight Up (aka Single) bet on a specific number. That 36/1 payout is tempting, but since your odds of winning are the smallest, only make these bets every once in a while, and keep the sizing small, too.

Only Play at Bovada Casino

Finally, and definitely most importantly for your online roulette strategy, only play at Bovada Casino – or if you happen to be traveling outside our jurisdiction, one of the trusted members on our international network of online casinos will be happy to serve you. Not only do we have the best online games in the business, our reputation for fast and secure transactions and quality customer service is also second to none.

We also have the most generous Welcome Bonuses you’ll find anywhere, so make sure to open your free account here at Bovada Casino if you haven’t already, claim your bonus when you make your first deposit, and begin your online roulette journey with confidence. We’ll be here to help with even more advice and tips on roulette and all the great games here at Bovada, so keep learning, and we’ll see you at the tables.