The impact of bonus rounds on slots winning

Slot machines are improving at an ever-increasing rate. The machines which seemed cutting-edge a few years ago compared to previous generations now look plain when seen next to the latest 3D offerings. In addition to the reels and general look of the machines, slot machines with bonus rounds have changed quite a bit as well. Many of these special features now feel more like high definition video games rather than slot games and the best part is that they offer generous payouts.

First we’ll go over the importance of choosing the right type of slots that will allow you to enjoy bonus rounds and we’ll also let you know how to trigger them. Next, we’ll give you an overview of the different kinds of bonus rounds out there. Finally, we’ll go over how bonus rounds work on iPhones or Android smartphones.

What kind of slots offer bonus rounds?

There are two main categories of slots you can play: traditional slot machines and video slot machines. Traditional slots are similar to the old mechanical one-arm bandit lever machines. They tend to have only three reels, and require that you line up matching symbols to receive a payout. These games are fun to play but differ dramatically from the 5-reel interactive video slot machines that often offer video game-quality bonus rounds.

There are a ton of different games to choose from within the video slot genre. Some slots offer simple free spin rounds or second-screen bonus rounds where you can choose from a set of symbols and win money. The very best machines offer interactive adventures, where players choose a character and take part in dialogue with other characters. Your skill will not play a part in how much money you win in these rounds. They simply add to the entertainment aspect and enable new players to jump right in into the fun.

Bonus rounds are usually triggered by hitting 3 wild symbols in any position on the screen. You’ll notice a different sound when these symbols land on the pay lines. When two wild symbols appear on lines 1 and 3, the 5th reel will spin for longer.

Some slots offer unique ways of triggering their bonus round features, with some games even allowing you to buy your way through to increase your chances playing them. Since bonus round payouts are usually in spins, the stakes you are playing for have no impact. At the end of the round, the payout will be proportional to the stakes that you are playing with when the bonus round was triggered.

Types of bonus rounds

Even the fanciest bonus rounds carry a common theme: the combinations of free spins and a multiplier. You play a game which determines these numbers, and then go back to the main screen and enjoy watching your spins and your winnings add up.

Some bonus rounds involve games of chance, such as rolling a dice or spinning a wheel. These are usually random, though the overall game will have proportionally more small and mid-sized wins compared to the mega payouts.

One thing to look out for when partaking in bonus rounds is whether the slot game you’re playing has a number of wild symbols that expand to cover a proportion of the win-lines area. This area can include three spaces on a reel or other combinations. Just a few more wilds will make a huge difference to the total payout you can win from a feature round.

You should also check whether the bonus round allows you to win additional free spins. With wild symbols or more winning lines in play, you will actually have an increased chance of triggering another bonus round. Some slots do have restrictions on this, so it is wise to make sure you know which games do not have these limitations.

Bonus rounds on mobile phones

When you are playing on a mobile device, the software providers will often design the games so that you do not have to download the graphics and animation for the bonus round right from the start. Instead, you will play the game as you normally would, and only when the bonus round is triggered will you have to download the graphics. These special downloads tend to be quick, lasting no more than a minute and are really worth the wait.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to maximize your fun along with your winnings, it’s definitely worth your while to select games offering fun, interactive and lucrative bonus rounds.