When you play slots online, do you find yourself gravitating to the same games day in and day out? It might be time to shake up your routine by adding some new online slots into the mix. With a little experimentation, you could end up discovering your next favorite casino game at Bovada.

This online slots guide will get you started by introducing you to eight slots that are new to the online casino scene. We’ll explain the benefits of each slot and how their payouts work, so that you know which ones offer the biggest payout potential. Equipped with knowledge of the game mechanics, you’ll be able to navigate the New Slots section like a pro the next time you get a hankering for a slot session.

Different Types of Slots Available

When people get into slots, they often pledge their allegiance to a certain type. Some people only want to play progressives, while others focus on the number of reels, or quality of graphics. If you’re unsure what kind of slot you like, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ll help beginner casino players by going over some of the most common types of online slots available at Bovada. Once you understand how the different slot categories work, we’ll unveil our eight newbies.

Progressives: A lot of people focus on high-paying progressive jackpot slots, and for good reason. These pots of money continue to grow with a percentage of every bet wagered on the game—up until someone triggers the jackpot, which resets it. They could be random progressive jackpots, which pay at the end of any random spin, or regular progressive jackpots that are given as a reward for landing the top winning combination for the game. Progressive jackpots can be included in any of the following four slot categories: three-reel, five-reel, all-ways-pay and 3D.

Three-Reels: A slot with just three reels has a more basic structure than its five-reel counterparts. There will be fewer paylines and less capacity for bonus features. They’re a great starting point for people just beginning to learn how to play slots online, and those with a more modest bankroll. 

Five-Reels: Going from three to five reels creates a more complex slot experience because the more reels there are, the more elaborate the bonus features can be. For example, expanding wilds are possible only with 5-reel slots.

All-Ways-Pay/243-Ways-Pay: Most slots require matching icons to line up on a payline, starting from the first reel. And because only the highest win per line pays out, the number of wins possible is limited by the number of paylines. When you get rid of the paylines, matching symbols simply need to land on consecutive reels to be considered a win. With a 243-ways-pay slot, for example, the matching icons must begin with the first reel and then they can land anywhere on the following reels as long as there’s no gap. This format creates 243 unique ways to win a standard payout with each spin. Some games get rid of the “left-to-right only” rule too, making it possible for wins to move left-to-right and right-to-left.

3D: 3D slots set the gold standard for casino gaming graphics. As you spin the reels, cinema-quality animations burst from the screen, bringing to life the game’s storyline or theme. You could be watching a wolf race through a field, or an orca whale bob up and down in the sea depending on which 3D slot you want to play. Take a look at the ones offered in our 3D section, and see which one speaks to you.

New Online Slots at Bovada

The following eight slots can be found in the New Slots section of our online casino:

Zombie FC

This ghastly 5-reel slot extinguishes paylines—along with humanity. As mentioned in the Different Types of Slot section, every time you spin the reels, there are 243 ways to win a standard payout. Bonus features are also included and range from tumbling reels to expanding wilds. Every time there’s a zombie invasion, entire reels will go wild and create lots of win opportunities. If the world has come to an end, you might as well get rich from it.

777 Deluxe

Holograms of classic fruit machine symbols spin through space in this 5-reel, 10-payline slot game. This game includes one of the best online jackpots around, with hidden access that comes through the bonus game.

21 Wilds

Poker players are flocking to 21 Wilds. This 5-reel, 9-line slot takes place on a green felt table with a deck of cards and pile of casino chips. Clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades spin through the reels as you wager up to $12 on each line. In addition to a bonus game, 21 Wilds has a Winning Multiplier that increases with each losing spin, so that when you finally do get back to winning, your payout will be multiplied by up to 16X.

Gold Rush Gus

Feel the rush of swinging a pick axe into a gold vein with the animated 5-reel, 10-line progressive slot, Gold Rush Gus. This game is jam-packed with bonus features like the free spins session boosted by a 2X, 3X, or 4X multiplier, the Lava Re-Spin feature, and the Treasure Chest Bonus, which awards you one of four prizes. The game’s progressive jackpot can be accessed only through the Treasure Chest. 

Hockey Enforcers

Back in the day, every hockey team had an enforcer on their bench. They were tough as nails and would get in scuffs with the opposing team. It’s not too late to feel the glory of the enforcer, which fuels this 5-reel, 243-ways-pay slot.

Bess & Becky

With Bess & Becky, two fairies guide you through five reels of enchanted forest. Five fairies offer the potential to win up to 100X when they match up on the game’s 15 paylines. Keep an eye out for Gold Coin wilds; when they sub in for another icon to create a winning line, they multiply the payout by 2X, 5X, or 10X.

Cricket Legends

No need to trek out to a field to get in some rounds of cricket; simply spin the reels of Cricket Legends for a chance to become a legendary cricket player. One of the best features in this 5-reel, 243-ways-pay slot game are the tumbling reels, which cause winning icons to disappear, allowing the symbols from above to fall into their place, creating another opportunity to land a payout. 

Reign of Gnomes

There’s no better free spins mode on the market than what’s available in this 5-reel, 243-ways-pay slot game. Land three scatters anywhere on the reels and you’ll be awarded with 5, 10 or 20 free spins that become more powerful as they pair up with the Golden Amulet Bonus. Before each free spin, you spin the Golden Amulet wheel and earn a bonus that gets applied to your free spin. It could be extra wild icons on the reels, various multipliers, a “spin ‘til you win” feature, or a ticket to the game’s Ice Diamond Bonus Round. Try your luck and see just how much you can benefit from this unique bonus feature.

It’s no surprise that these eight slots have become an instant hit with the majority of our casino members. With everything from super-charged free spins to hidden progressive jackpots, each game offers a unique experience for even the most seasoned slot players. Although they’re all real money slot games, you can enjoy a free trial today by launching these games in Practice Play mode.