5 Things You Need to Know


"The Titans try to stay alive, the Ravens look to upset the Chiefs and the Rams take on the Bears. Here are the five things you need to know for Week 14."











Each week, we give you our top 10 NFL Power Rankings in the only way that matters for bettors: Their performance against the pointspread (ATS) and total (OU). Actual win/loss record is listed as SU – straight up.


YellowArrow 1 New Orleans Saints 10-2 SU 9-3 ATS/5-7 OU 'The ATS wave (going nine games) was going to end at some point. We'll see what they do after the Dallas debacle this weekend.
YellowArrow 2 New England Patriots 9-3 SU 8-4 ATS/4-8 OU The Pats are ready for their playoff run.
YellowArrow 3 Kansas City Chiefs 10-2 SU 8-3-1 ATS/7-4-1 OU Although it didn't seem like it mattered versus the Raiders, it will be interesting to see what the Chiefs will do without dual-threat RB Kareem Hunt.
yellow-arrow 4 Chicago Bears 8-4 SU 8-4 ATS/8-4 OU There was only so much they were going to do with Chase Daniel at QB. If Mitchell Trubisky doesn't return in Week 14 it's tough to keep betting on the Bears.
GreenArrow 5 Houston Texans 9-3 SU 6-6 ATS/5-7 OU The Texans have the seasons longest win streak at nine games.
GreenArrow 6 Seattle Seahawks 7-5 SU 7-3-2 ATS/6-6 OU Seattle has used the No. 1 rushing attack in the NFL to go 4-0-1 ATS the last four weeks.
green-arrow 7 Dallas Cowboys 7-5 SU 7-5 ATS/5-7 OU Dallas has momentum with four straight ATS.
RedArrow 8 Los Angeles Chargers 9-3 SU 7-5 ATS/7-5 OU They've won four-of-five ATS and Philip Rivers' wife is pregnant with their ninth kid. The second part of that setence has nothing to do with the Chargers … it's just crazy.
RedArrow 9 Cleveland Browns 4-7-1 SU 7-5 ATS/6-6 OU Man oh man ... rookies. The Browns have one more shot in this top 10 to prove they can hang.
RedArrow 10 Miami Dolphins 6-6 SU 7-5 ATS/5-7 OU Somehow, despite lacking game-changing talent on both sides of the ball, the Dolphins hang around.














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