What happens if you've got money on the table, and you get disconnected? No worries. Bovada Poker disconnection protection is set to identify online poker players that have been fully disconnected from the game server.


Of course, if you're still connected and don't act in time, the protection doesn't apply. You'll time out of the hand and the hand will be folded. You'll be placed on ‘Auto Fold' in tournaments or ‘Sit Out' in cash games until you return to the table.

If a player is disconnected during a hand, the software will recognize they are no longer connected. In the case of a disconnection, the player will be awarded an additional 30 seconds to act. If the player successfully reconnects within that time, the tables (and/or tournaments) they were playing will open automatically (if not already open), and they will have at least 10 seconds to act. If the player does not act in these 30 seconds, their hand will be folded.

Extra time will only be awarded when a player is disconnected from Bovada Poker. In the occurrence of a system lag not attributed to Bovada regardless of the cause, if the player does not act in the specified time period the hand in question will be folded. In the event a player is disconnected during a hand where the action is checked to the said player, the hand will be checked unless a specific action is required by the player.