Our players get the ultimate online gambling experience, and it’s got to be fun. That means no worries and seamless, fail-proof security and personal protection built-in at every turn. We deliver.

Bovada’s online poker security uses tried-and-true encryption methods. The same systems used by most online banking systems. We stick to the highest standards of personal information protection, internally, in all transactions, and on our poker software.

Download our online poker software knowing your personal information, account and transaction history are safe, secure, and protected at all times. Check out our privacy policy.


Our pledge of fair play

Bovada uses sound gambling practices that follow certified fair play procedures. There’s no other way to run a business built on customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth appeal, the way an online poker game site is.

  • We do not profit on your wins or losses. Revenue is generated by a rake, the percentage taken from the pot. Exact percentages can be found by reading more about our rake.
  • We don’t allow collusion, or 2 or more players to share information about their hands during the course of play. If we identify players in collusion, we will take immediate and appropriate action.
  • We use the latest random shuffling technology that combines algorithms and random number generators to create truly unpredictable card distribution. It’s impossible for a player to predict the card outcome.