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Step Inside the Zone

There’s no better feeling than taking a peek at your cards and seeing that great poker hand you’ve been hoping to score. Your heart beats faster, your hands begin to sweat and you feel a surge in adrenaline. With Zone Poker, you can boost that excitement by playing quicker hands and seeing more cards. Step inside the zone and experience the fastest cards on the web.

Zone Poker is designed to cut out the time spent waiting for your folded hands to end and new cards to be dealt. The moment you fold your hand at a Zone Poker table, you’ll instantly be redirected to a new table with new players and new cards. This fun and fast-paced poker format gives players the chance to see more cards and play more hands in a shorter period of time.

Here are some of the features of Zone Poker:

  • CHECK/FOLD NOW or FOLD NOW button are available, allowing players to fold hands and move to a new table with new cards much quicker than before.
  • Cuts down on time between hands, allowing players to wait less and see more cards.
  • When a player folds their cards or the hand ends, a table sliding animation will be shown to transition towards the next table and hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will a Zone Poker game begin?

Zone Poker games will begin once there is a full table of players. The moment the table you’re seated at is full, the game will begin instantly.

How do Poker Points work when playing Zone Poker?

With Zone Poker, the Poker Point system works the exact same way as a standard cash game. However, because Zone Poker gives you the ability to play more hands in the same amount of time, players do have the opportunity to earn more points than they would in a normal cash game.

How do the blinds work when playing Zone Poker?

Since players change tables and sit with new players every hand, the assigning of the big blind works differently. The big blind is assigned based on the following order of priority:

  1. A player that has yet to pay the big blind (either a new player playing their first hand or a player that has played more than one hand but have not paid the big blind).
  2. A player that has gone the longest amount of time without paying the big blind (in terms of number of hands played).

If there is more than one player who fall under one of these categories, the big blind will be assigned randomly among those players.

When playing Zone Poker, how much time to act are players allowed?

Players are given 15 seconds to act, which is half the time of a normal cash game. Zone Poker is designed to play faster and allow players to see more hands, increasing the action.

Zone Poker consists of the same standard poker games you`ve grown to love, only it offers you the ability to spend more time playing and less time waiting for hands to end and new cards to be dealt. In today`s fast paced world, Zone Poker is the next hottest thing, giving players the chance to see more cards, play more hands and have more fun. Step inside the zone today and hold on tight to see if you can keep up with all the fun fast-paced action.

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