Zone Poker is one of the greatest innovations this game has ever seen. Instead of waiting for the action to finish when you fold, you’re instantly transported to a new table and dealt your hole cards for the next hand. This allows you to play 2-3 times as many hands per hour – a considerable boost in volume for all you grinders out there.

At the same time, getting in the Zone means you won’t be able to get much of a read on your opponents since you’re at a different table for every hand. Even when you’re playing anonymously at Bovada, you can pick up on some of your opponents’ tendencies when you’re at one of our standard cash tables. Is the trade-off worth it to get more volume in? That depends on what kind of player you are.


Be a Two-Way Player at Bovada

In very general terms, we can divide poker players into two types: GTO (game theory optimal) and exploitative. GTO players will study the math and figure out the “right” percentage of bluffs to make in certain spots, seeking to minimize their losses in a game of imperfect information. Exploitative players will do the opposite, taking advantage of player tendencies and bluffing less or more often, depending on the situation.

The ideal poker player will use a mix of both styles in order to win the most money – and that player will be comfortable playing both Zone Poker and the standard cash games at Bovada. But most of us fall somewhere to the left or right on this GTO-exploitative spectrum. You may already have some idea where you stand; if not, take a moment to consider what style of poker you play and which tables you’d perform better at.

If you’re still not sure, chances are your poker style fits your personality profile to some extent. Cool customers who don’t mind playing defense and making somewhat robotic decisions are more likely to succeed while playing Zone Poker. Aggressive players who like to attack their opponents are better suited for the regular cash tables, where they can go on the offense based on their reads. But again, mixing up the two is ideal. It will help your poker growth and give you more opportunities to cash in. Think about the MVPs in other sports – the vast majority are two-way players. You can be an MVP, too, by learning to boss both Zone Poker and the standard cash tables at Bovada.

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