From the clunky fruit machines of the 20th century to the high-tech video slots that are popular to play today, slot games have improved by leaps and bounds in recent memory. With increasing demand to play for slots, game manufacturers need to be at the top of their game to put together slot games that satisfy casino players’ desire for fresh new experiences online.

To see just how far slots have come, check out the online game selection on our 3D Slots page. These slots include cinematic graphics that burst from the screen, bringing the game to life in a way that 2D slots have never been able to do when you play.

In this online 3D slots guide, we showcase what makes this facet of slot games unique. We’ll explain what 3D slots are, go over the different types of 3D slots available in our casino, make some comparisons between 3D slots and video slots, and point you in the direction of the online 3D slots section of Bovada's online Casino. 3D graphics put these slots in a gambling category of their own, and if you haven’t yet had the chance to play 3D slots, now’s the time to explore this visually-stimulating form of slot games when you play for real money.

What are 3D Slots?

We’ll start this online slots casino guide by discussing what 3D slots are. This form of slots gaming uses special technology to create visual layers in the slot imagery. The characters of a 3D slot game are separate from the background, making it look like they are emerging from the screen. They could be realistic, or animated-either way, they appear more life-like than what you’d find in non-3D slots when you play.

One question we get asked a lot is whether 3D glasses are required to see the images in these games when you play- real money or free practice play. No special glasses are required. You play 3D slots the same way you would play online slot games with no 3D graphics.

Types of 3D Slots

Since 3D graphics can be added to virtually any online slot game, you’ll find a lot of the same types of slot formats you’re already familiar with when browsing the 3D section of our online casino, including i-Slot, 50-line, 20-line, 25-line, payline-free, and progressive jackpot. We’ve provided examples of the 3D slots that fall into each of these six casino categories. You’ll notice that all of our online 3D slots have five reels.

3D vs Video Slots: Are They the Same?

3D slots is a subsection of video slots, so not all video slots will have 3D graphics. To ensure the selections you’re browsing are indeed 3D slots, use the “3D Slots” filter in the Slots section of our casino.

How to Bet and Maximize Payouts for 3D Slots

Setting up your betting configurations for a 3D slot is the same as a regular video slot. Use the buttons for casino paylines, betting max, coin denominations and auto play to reflect your bankroll budget. Simply choose the value of coins and the number of coins that you want to wager per payline, and then start spinning.

The real money payouts listed on the online casino paytable are based on a 1-coin wager; if you want to maximize them, you can bet more coins per line. For example, in Jolly Roger’s Jack Pot, you’re paid 100 coins for landing five Treasure Chest symbols on a 1-coin wager (per payline). If you wager 10 coins per line, you would be paid 1,000 coins.

Most Popular 3D Slots at Bovada

If you’re unsure where to start your 3D casino journey, the three most popular 3D slot games in our casino can provide you with a good starting point for gambling fun.

Cirque Du Slots

3D graphics and i-Slot formatting collide in this 5-reel, 25-line slot game that showcases just how versatile expanding wilds can be. During Normal Play, the wilds expand vertically up the reel, which is standard for this special type of feature. But during Free Spins Mode, the wilds really begin to catch air. The online casino game has three Acts that you can progress through: Act 1, 2 and 3. The Act dictates how the expanding wilds work during Free Spins Mode. In Act 1, they expand horizontally. In Act 2, they expand either vertically or horizontally, and double payouts with a 2X multiplier. In Act 3, they expand both horizontally and vertically for major real money payouts. In order to progress to the next act, you must land three or more Unicycle symbols anywhere on the reels.

Whale O’ Winnings

Experience the deep blue sea in glorious 3D with Whale O’ Winnings. This 5-reel, 50-line slot has orcas, dolphins, seals, sand dollars, urchins and more swimming through the reels. The Orca Whale is wild and a triple threat; it replaces other symbols to form winning lines, while tripling the real money payout with a 3X multiplier, and it pays between 7 and 7,777 coins when you land two to five on the reels. The Free Spin Scatter triggers up to 50 free spins when you land three or more anywhere on the reels—and you get 2X the real money payouts during the free spin session. It’s a watery wonderland filled with treasure, so dive deep into this slot and see what you can catch.

Lion’s Roar

An African lion safari is on tap in Lion’s Roar. Watch the king of the jungle burst from the reels in a show of might as you hunt for payouts in this online casino game. This online casino game has a special free spin feature, with different bonuses becoming available for two distinct Free Spins Modes. The first (standard) free spins is triggered by landing three or more Lion and Lioness duo symbols, which award 10, 20 or 50 free spins bolstered by a 2X multiplier. During this standard free spin session, the wilds expand, but don’t have multipliers. Should you trigger another free spin session while in the standard free spin session, you’ll be rocketed towards major payouts with the Roaring Free Spins session, which sees the wilds expand and seriously boost winnings with a massive 5X multiplier.

Where you can Find 3D Slots at Bovada

Now that you know about the glory of 3D slots, it’s time to give them a spin at Bovada's online Casino. All of these online casino games are available in both Practice Play mode for free and Real Play mode for payouts. To find them, open the Casino from our homepage, and at the top of the page, you’ll see a header of all the different games offered in our casino, including “Slots.” Once you’ve populated the Slots section of the casino, you can use the drop-down tool to filter through the games; there is a 3D Slots filter that will load all of the casino games with these exceptional graphics.

As the demand to play for quality casino slot games increases, graphics will continue to improve, creating even more immersive experiences for players. 3D slots is an example of just how realistic the images can get when you play, but it’s just a starting point. Keep an eye on this section of the online casino because as new games are added, they’ll continue to raise the bar for all slots to come.