How To Bet On NHL


How to Bet on NHL

The National Hockey League is the smallest of the four major US professional sports leagues – but it’s still big business at Bovada Sportsbook. NHL betting is especially popular during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the most exciting postseason format in pro sports. You don’t have to wait for April to roll around, though; betting on hockey is available year-round at Bovada, and it’s as easy as betting on any other sport. Here’s how to bet on NHL at Bovada Sportsbook:

1. Open Your Bovada Account

The first step towards betting on hockey is to create your free Bovada Sportsbook account. All you need to do is fill out our quick one-page form, then complete the verification process. Once you’ve been verified and your account is created, take a tour around our website, then make your first deposit at Bovada – and be sure to claim your Welcome Bonus, which will be even bigger if you choose cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin) as your deposit method.

2. Browse our NHL Odds

At Bovada, there are plenty of NHL odds and betting markets available. Most bettors in the United States are familiar with the point spread, which is used for betting on most sports. There’s spread in NHL betting too; it’s called the puck line, and it works the same way as the run line when you bet on baseball. You can bet on your chosen team to beat the puck line (typically set at 1.5 goals, but sometimes 0.5 or 2.5), or to win straight-up against the moneyline.

You can also bet on NHL totals, which have become very popular indeed in recent years. Will the two teams combine to score Over or Under the posted number of goals (6.5 is common for a hockey game)? This is arguably the most fun way to bet on the NHL, partly because it’s so simple – but also because scoring goals and lighting the red lamp is the most exciting part of the game.

Here’s how the puck line, moneyline and total (the three “single” or “straight” bets) look when you’re checking out the NHL betting lines at Bovada:

Washington Capitals +1.5 (–135) +185 O 6.5 (–130)

Florida Panthers –1.5 (+110) –225 U 6.5 (+110)

This example is from a recent playoff game between the Washington Capitals and the Florida Panthers – with the home team listed at the bottom, as is traditional with most American sports. The first set of numbers represents the spread (puck line), followed by the moneyline and the total.

The American odds format is used by default at Bovada Sportsbook (you can switch to decimal odds or fractional odds if you prefer). Generally speaking, the negative signs in this format indicate the favored side, and the positive signs are attached to the underdog; the Panthers in this case are the favorites. The numbers you see in parentheses refer to the vigorish (also known as juice) that the sportsbook charges as a commission to handle your wager.

In order for Florida to cover the puck line in this example, they have to beat Washington by more than the designated 1.5 goals, meaning they have to win by at least two. The underdog Capitals, on the other hand, can lose by a single goal and still cover. Their respective payouts are shown by the vigorish: $110 for every $100 wagered on Florida, and $100 for every $135 wagered on Washington (smaller and larger bets are allowed).

With the moneyline, any Florida victory will pay out their supporters $100 for every $225 wagered, while the Capitals will pay $185 for every $100. And for the total, scoring at least seven goals combined will pay Over bettors $100 for every $130; otherwise, the Under pays out $110 per $100.

In addition to these three single bets, you’ll find props, specials, parlays, teasers and futures when you browse the NHL betting lines at Bovada Sportsbook. Consult our FAQ and Help guides to learn more about all these different bet types and how they work.

3. Place Your Bet

With all those puck skills in your back pocket, you are now ready to place your first hockey bet at Bovada. Choose the team/side you want to bet on from the NHL odds page, and it will appear on your Bet Slip. Fill in the amount you want to risk, and you’ll be shown the amount you can win. Be sure to make any corrections or changes you need to before hitting the “Place Bet” button.

That’s how easy it is to bet on hockey at Bovada Sportsbook. It gets even easier with a little extra know-how, so take a moment to look at our informative NHL articles and use that knowledge to get the most value out of your hockey bets.


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