Online slots have become wildly popular over the recent years thanks to vast technological advancements in the gaming industry. The quality has improved, the bonus systems are better than ever and mobile capabilities eliminate the need for a desktop computer. Bovada Casino has paved the way by investing in a new platform and adding over 130 new slot games to the already expansive roster.


Let's talk about quality. Slot machines used to be quite limited in scope. Three reels containing bars, cherries and lemons were the norm from the very beginning; a lot has changed since then. While Bovada Casino still offers some traditional style slot games, you'll also find slots with engaging storylines, which you can alter as you move your way through bonus rounds.


Take the game As The Reels Turn for example. This iSlot has all the capabilities of a regular slot game, but it's also a three-series mini-drama. The characters will entertain you by getting into outlandish scenarios while you spin the reels for a payout. This game's six bonus rounds cover everything from counterfeit chips to fast cars and Tommy Gun shootouts. It's definitely not your average slot game.


In addition to the increase in quality, bonuses have become more generous than ever before. When you open an account with Bovada, you'll have $3,000 worth of match bonuses available to use in the casino. Two-thirds of that bonus money is for use on slots, so you'll get to test out Bovada's 250+ slot roster with an inflated bankroll.


The bonuses don't end there. Continue to beef up your bankroll by collecting the Mobile Casino Bonus, Bovada Casino Benefits and the Refer-a-Friend Bonus – not to mention the many exclusive offers you'll receive by email when you're signed up for Bovada Casino's mailing list.


If mobile is your platform of choice, you're not alone. While both mobile and desktop have their benefits, the ease of using a smartphone or tablet to get in a few spins while on the go is becoming very appealing. Just ask the woman who made headlines last year, when she struck a $3.3 million jackpot from playing Mega Moolah during a bathroom break. All of Bovada Casino's most popular slots are also available to play right from your mobile, so next time you're looking to kill some time, you can check out that Greedy Goblins game you've heard so much about.


Putting aside the awesome 3D graphics, never-ending bonuses and the multi-platform accessibility, the main reason people hit up the slots in our online casino is because of the fun and lively atmosphere. You'll immediately let loose and smile when you see 3D players popping out to entertain you with their amusing antics. The slots world is unique and should be experienced by everyone at least once. Where else can you profit from a pack of greedy goblins raiding an elf's workshop?